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8/27/2004 c1 17the mouse that roared
This is nice. I like it. The idea is good, it just needs to be expressed a little better. Sometimes it gets repetitive. Do you have a tune for your song? Was there a time when you didn't feel anything? How was it different? Why this person? When you're mad, do memories of other emotions keep you together? When you're sad, do you just want to leave or does it make your relationship stronger?
About the name-I think "Make Me Feel" would be better with dots after it (...) and why each feeling is valuable. That title would also work if you had no emotion and were ordering someone to give you emotion, or if you had felt emotions before and now felt blank. "Everything" is too obvious a title for my taste. You get the point across in the song. Maybe too much. If you cut down on that particular theme, it might work as a title. My favorite title is "Some Days." I think it would be better if you played this idea up a lot more in the piece. Maybe include why you feel certain ways certan days. What days make you feel more than others?
Well that's pretty much it. Nice job; I hope you work on it a little more because it has potential to be great...

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