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for When I found a pie

1/26/2005 c1 4blessed are the forgetful
what the fuck is this? i give it zero out of ten, i like your other stuff but this is ridiculous
10/15/2004 c1 69the cereal killer
Haha. That was TERRIBLE! You're like the master of lame rhyme. In a nice way, I guess.
Lard is gross!
You're sadistic, laughing at my misery. That was honestly a one off run-off pissed off thing. But I'm glad you liked it (?) (:
10/13/2004 c1 Soul of Night
Okay...Wouldn't have been intersting at all without the sonnet format. Obviously that is what you were trying to do and not entertain through the storyline. Slight humour but no smirk from me. 5/10. You should write more often, from your other pieces your work isn't that bad. Try something new.
9/3/2004 c1 28Tk.T
A silly little poem, but I like it! :
"But oh no, alas it charred,
I had no idea why,
My meal was cruelly marred"
That struck me funny, for some odd reason!
Happy writing!
8/26/2004 c1 21Phoenix-Pen
LOL! Not quite the sonnet structure I'm familiar with, but I've only ever studied Shakespearian sonnets, so what do I know? This made me smile, so thanks!
8/26/2004 c1 29Hangman
err this was a tad odd, the ending was strange and I very much doubt you had a purpose to writing it. Good wording and style, just think about what you write a little more next time.

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