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5/22/2009 c3 6VeeVeeLa
this is great! whats gonna happen next?
8/14/2007 c3 10Gilaine
It is a shame that you never finished this. It's a brilliant idea and held promise.

So, as this was written three years ago, I presume you can drive now? :D

7/26/2007 c3 hotaru89
Awesome job so far, I really like the story idea and the characters. I also like your writing-style, I enjoy reading your work! Please update soon, because I'm really looking forwards to more, I cannot wait at all!
1/24/2007 c1 9Furfaidz
good job! pretty funny too
8/31/2006 c3 3SilverM0on
why did you let this story die.. it havent been updated for a year and a half and its great... what a shame to lose sutch an interesting story...
7/10/2006 c3 icedfaerie
Great story! I love the plot and the characters, I can't wait until the next chapter.
11/13/2005 c3 3RavensDescent
*huggles this story* I love this, really really love it!

keep writing,Raven
6/26/2005 c3 23Sylvia Ann Elliot
This is a good start to an original story; others have written about necromancers and shamans, but your character's desire to lose her power makes her unique. You have a good plot going here, what with Damian almost knowing about Jessica's "gift". I love Luna's character. She's so sweet and friendly.

There were some spelling and grammar errors; have a friend, teacher, or me read it through and fix them for you. My email is if you want me to do it for you. One major problem was tense switching.

All in all, a good start to an excellent story, and I'm adding you to Author Alert so that I can read more of it ^_^
5/29/2005 c1 12Arrow's Flight
Nice chapter. I like the plot of the story, and can tell that it will get interesting. . .


-Arrow's FLight-

Where are you? PLEASE UPDATE!
3/28/2005 c1 1KPWilliams
Good, I like it so far. The only problem is that you seem to have trouble with homonyms, I noticed that in this and in Caged. You may not notice it because it's your own piece, but I just want to point it out to you for future reference.If you need someone to edit your pieces for you, you can always ask me.Anyways, good work, and I want more. Also, OFAC ch. 2 - Metamorphasis of a Child will be posted shortly. Thanks for your review on it.
3/9/2005 c3 19Thea Lowe
Ah! This is a very well written story (and it's interesting too!) I hope you continue updating!
3/1/2005 c3 6Spazmic Kitty
I love your story. By the way, I was wondering if you've ever read The Mediator...if you've read it before you'll know why I'm asking. Anyways, keep writing 'cause it's great.
3/1/2005 c3 Something Uncertain
I love the idea you have going, this story's great! Luna's adorable, and I love Jessica's attitude. There are a few minor grammar errors, but nothing terrible. Keep it up!
2/27/2005 c3 Alice Potato
Excellent story so far. There are very few errors and the characters are great. *grins* I like Jessica. She's very cool. Hmm . . . I can't really think of anything that needs improving . . . Just update soon! And I'm sorry if my review looks kinda cramped. FictionPress has been messing them up lately . . . *growls* ~*Namarie*~
2/27/2005 c3 Meli-dear
Ahw, Luna has to be the most cute, sweet and innocent ghost I ever saw! She's so... happy! I loved how she tried to get Damian to speak - he's pretty cool by the way. The way he acts is already very much his own. Uhm.. if that made sense *foolish grin*

Only I'm wondering how Damian and Luna died. Will that become more important later in the story? Did Luna already know Jessica before she died? Questions... questions... Nothing wrong with them, questions are good! =D
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