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3/9/2005 c1 Sabretooth
This was very good, your writing painst a picture in my mind of what is going on and it makes it very easy to understand.
1/20/2005 c1 Burke
Your thoughts are imaginative, and your work moving. I like your manner of expression.
1/3/2005 c1 14kit feral
Oh, wow. That was sad. So much emotion. Very good job, that's all I can say. :'( So sad!
12/8/2004 c1 45Sammy- B
thats really sad, but very well put.
9/19/2004 c1 A. Crew
Dude, this the second time your work has almost made me cry... I didn't though, 'cause i'm a guy, and guys never cry about anything ever. But great work.
9/12/2004 c1 3Cry Tears of Darkness
this is great! im really enjoying your poetry!
9/12/2004 c1 25Charisma101
Another amazing piece by you, ongradulations, i loved this one as well!
8/28/2004 c1 Panda
*Makes panda noises*
*Cuddles pandagirl11*
8/28/2004 c1 30Silvra Gregorio
Darn, Girl! your writing is spectacular! i can see everything that you write...feel everything..smeel it hear it, touch it...such magnificance in poetry is hard, WONDERFUL job!
Btw...silly question...:-s your bio on your page "i love my panda" do you have a pet panda?
KIU!1 (keep it up) hugs, bear
8/25/2004 c1 44Amara the Warrior
Hmm...very sad.
8/25/2004 c1 4bfmusashi
this was wonderfully written and very beautiful. ah yeah, romeo and juliet...i remember reading that freshman year. i *knew* there was something familiar about the beginning lines of this, but i just couldn't quite put my finger on it...hahaha, good work! :)

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