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for Subverted: Tales of a Dark Edged Mind

2/6/2013 c2 10NizumiBreathes
I must say that it is rather creepy to read this when it's dark all around you. Especially the beginning.

Nice work. :)
1/19/2012 c1 Adorned
This is an amazing chapter!

Twisted, dark, and nice! Poetic!
6/7/2010 c3 3Kyre Crow
I could try all the adjectives i can imagine and still not be able to describe it. Yes, these stories are that amazing.
6/7/2010 c2 Kyre Crow
...As if I could find a word, find words enough to describe this...
6/7/2010 c1 Kyre Crow
How to describe this...?
4/4/2009 c3 7Silencia
I love these stories! Even though the last one is a bit dark, you did an amazing job with it! I bow for your awesomeness!

Grtz Silenia
9/4/2006 c3 6Crewger
I love the style of the writing
3/24/2005 c3 eve
oh jeez... that was really quite good, but VERY disturbing... tt fairytale will never be the same again...
12/9/2004 c3 reallybadegg
All of the stories were good, but i think witch blood flowers was the best. Although I have to say its too bad he was not able to get his revenge.. but it added to the mystery of the ending. Very nice *applause*
12/3/2004 c3 47Anjeni Windsinger
O_O Geez... wow... lol, I guess you can see how astounded I am by this piece. I'm not big on fiction, but I thought, hey, it's glitterjewele, how can it be bad? Anyway, I friggin' *love* this. Your descriptions are excellent - I recall a line about outstretched bird wings that I especially liked - and it's just amazing how you've concocted this story, what with the content and all. And the ending is nothing short of brilliant. *Awesome* write, I really should read the other two now, eh, lol.
11/9/2004 c1 127godawful teen-angst poetry
come now-are you ever *not* brilliant? ;)
you need to upload more poetry please ma'am!
9/19/2004 c3 5oh no I'm a pirate
Hee... he... Yes, I realise at this point in time that I sound slightly unhinged, but it's all good! I really like how you've done these stories. Phone Call has made me paranoid of the phone ringing at night, Victim has made sure that I can't look at my cat the same way again, and WitchBlood Flowers has made my Classic Fairytales book strictly off limits. Fantastic work, I loved every word!
9/19/2004 c3 64not sure yet
o, creepy as fuck, and very sadful as well, witches blood flowers? hm, anywayz, loves it muchly, extremely well written, excellent job
9/18/2004 c3 132Sarah Parker
Wow... Aimee Raven recommended this to me while we were having a conversation that was realted to this topic... and I must say... this story left a sick feeling in my stomach, and a horrible feeling of unjustness and .. poor Hansel and Gretel. :( I love the fact that you used a child's tale like this to write about such a very... serious thing. It's truly amazing, and incredibly powerful... I don't think anyone could get the message across better than you did in this story. The symbolism and emotion and.. wow, everything is so perfect and I think I held my breath for the whole thing... definitely was biting my nails through it all. Amazing.
9/10/2004 c3 14Dirty Wallpaper
i believe this is the first piece of work i have ever read on this website which left me gaping in horror multiple times, and in which i had to gain my mind back at the end. *sobs hystericaly*
but the hug in the authors note made me feel slightly better.
ok now that ive gotten over myself i loved the spin you put on hanzel and gretel, the elaboration, the detail of the flower which was so effective in...well, it was a hauntingly powerful trigger for one thing, and also how you turned it from something seemingly peaceful and beautiful into something so ugly and evil in what it repersented. am i naughty if i say i now find hazel terribly attractive?
*runs away*
thought so.
very cool, i need my security bubble popped now and then, kudos! (uber kudos for adventuring out of your comfort zone).
need sleep...fainting...collapsing on...keybo-
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