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8/19/2009 c20 esssjay
i think you should be proud of this story coz when you read it, you can really tell that you developed so much as a writer. i'll be honest and say it wasn't one of the best stories that i've read but it was still really good. i thoroughly enjoyed it, so thanks :)
7/30/2009 c20 animegirl214
aw! :D :D :D

so cute! i LOVE it! :] :] :]
2/11/2009 c20 1weeeangie
i love your story it made me cry! The happy kind of cry!
1/8/2009 c6 5ElegantDisaster89
this chapter was awsome! Loving this story already. Love Christian's reaction to the ticket guy staring at her lol. And her pay back for the popcorn.
1/8/2009 c5 ElegantDisaster89
I LOVE that you used a Skye Sweetnam song, definately suits the character! This story rocks so far, hopefully it keeps up :)
12/31/2008 c20 kaw97
I have't read any of your reviews, so sorry if this duplicates anyone else's. I liked this story a lot. It explores some interesting issues, but seems to need to go into more depth. The scene where Christian basically tells Charity they can't see each other anymore...well, it just seems sudden and confusing. I guess she just sort of flew off the handle and left right away. It seems like she would ask more questions and try to reason with him.

Actually, the thing that bothered me most wasn't plot related it was continuity. Did I miss something or what? According to what I understood, the timeline was kind of like:

late October - Charity moves to CA (Kim talks to her on phone about a Halloween party)

Nov. 21 - Christian's bday (when they break up apparently and Charity leaves for the publicity tour)

Then you say they were together for 3 months. Doesn't make sense.

I understand that after taking so long to write this, you probably have no desire to fix these kinds of problems. I just thought I would bring it to your attention in case you wanted to know.
12/13/2008 c20 1Jevanminx
Aw, so sweet, well done.

10/19/2008 c19 1SiobhanO
please update soon! this story is awesome! wow :)
8/13/2008 c17 2xxBitterRomancexx
Omg...this story is so good! I was ligit in tears by the end of this chapter! It was so amazing and sad. I can't wait for them to finally reconcile. Please hurry up and write more...

8/6/2008 c17 EmeraldEyes25
aww i think it's so sweet how they still love each other. can't wait for the next update! =)
8/5/2008 c17 Jill
hey this chapter was AWESOME pls updat soon c'mon we're waiting fro u
8/4/2008 c17 Divya
OMG that was like the most bestest fic i've ever read
8/3/2008 c17 AMM3485
Wow. Awesome chapter! I totally loved it. I can't WAIT for you to come up with the next update!
7/27/2008 c17 3babyonyee
the end of the chap was so sad...hope u update asap!
7/25/2008 c16 EmeraldEyes25
I'm really loving this story. I've read your other story also and I absolutely fell in love with it. I usually only read completed stories but once I loved the other one you have I just had to read this one. Thanks so much, can't wait til the next chapter.
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