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for Broken Tears

12/31/2004 c7 Bobo
cute... but... I can't help but feeling a little sorry for derek...

anyways... keep writing, it's going great!
12/30/2004 c7 Angel
Cute! Poor Derek, always tricked by her... will he EVER learn? anyways... keep going, and i really hope johnathon will be fine. Maybe they should be together!

keep updating!
12/30/2004 c7 17Lady of romance world88
Oh my god. Poor Lily. She had lose to her ex-boyfriend. Why does she came back to looking for him? She should move on without him. Maybe she can find a nice man who cared for her. Why does Lily's father threatened on Jonathan. Hurry update soon.
12/29/2004 c7 chen
nice chp, so funny, and cute too. But... stupid dad... anyways keep going, i wanna know MORE!
12/18/2004 c6 angel
Poor derek... make lily like her... come on... he's always giving her stuff...
11/18/2004 c5 Angel
FINALLY, you updated!

Geez, hope you update sooner next time. Great chp! go go go!
11/17/2004 c5 Chen
Nice chp, keep posting
11/17/2004 c5 BooBoo
Hehe... keep writing! It's going great!
10/25/2004 c4 White Fallen Angel
nice. hope to read your next chapter!
10/24/2004 c4 Angel
So long since you update... Nevertheless, the chp is great. Keep writing. Don't keep me waiting that long again!
Great job
10/23/2004 c4 14Chen
Great chp! Keep writing, it's going great!
9/12/2004 c3 White Fallen Angel
keep up the great work! :)
9/12/2004 c3 Chen
Cute :] Please continue
9/11/2004 c3 Derek
yes yes keep going
9/9/2004 c3 Bob
Great! keep writing
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