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4/17/2005 c1 kayttea
great poem. or is it a song? sorry i don't pay much atetion to genres... :-P but i really like it.

the johnny poem wasn't really related to the old man one, i just put it as a sequal b/c they were both having to do with the rain songs and they were written in sorta the same way.

and yes the princess bride is a book! isn't that interesting. but you know in the movie the grandpa is reading the book so...yeah. you should read it, if you want. yeah...um..o.0 lol

thanks for the review! i put you in my profile under special thanks bye the way. ^.^

update camp!

k ill leave you in peace...for now! buh bye!

3/20/2005 c1 kashe
hi! this is a good poem. :-) no i never stole your character :-) i had already written that and i had sort of based pepper off of myself on the computer so that is why i said u could call the character is YOUR story pepper. :-) hope you get it! sorry. :-) keep writing.

9/6/2004 c1 7Jack Lumber
would make a nice song. I think you were going for that. Makes me think of Lincoln Park
8/27/2004 c1 15Superus Stupidicus
nice poem. I didn't quite get it but I like the flow and rythm
8/27/2004 c1 37negligible fictional force
this has good rhythm.
it flows.

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