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for Story of a Couple

4/30/2005 c1 64EmbersAblaze-IgnitedIcicle
i hear it.
12/30/2004 c1 3Rosetifer
i really like this...even though it seems to focus on one couple it's something that all couples can relate to and go thru...awesome job.ps- good news! i have posted a new something!
12/18/2004 c1 myno
woah, thats... really good. I wish i could hear it!
9/20/2004 c1 4Firefly1987
What a jerk. Great song for No Doubt, I think! It's really interesting; I like songs where you can see what happens from a third person point of view instead of first, but I'll bet it's harder to write. Good job!
9/7/2004 c1 3Powerof1P3PadfootsGrl
great great great! I love it!
8/27/2004 c1 63Ponytail Goddess
Pretty good. I enjoyed it.
8/27/2004 c1 2Misty Deadthorn
Simply excellent, that's all I have to say. I wish I could hear it.

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