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9/7/2004 c8 Fire Walk with Me
A great horde of zombies, a small group of humans, and a human on the roof with a broken ankle.
Damn, this is one sticky situation.
Keep writing.
P.S.: Damndest thing: My name is Eric.
9/2/2004 c4 3Spooky-Girl
"I'm Layla." The girl said. "And boy am I happy to see you."
"What do you mean you don't remember your name?" Layla asked.
Should there be something between those? Seems like you forgot a line or something... ANYway, this chapter's really good. I like how you took the time to develop the plot, but it's nice getting into some more action and the dialogue is coo. ;)
9/2/2004 c3 Spooky-Girl
Action! YAY!
Zombies? Freaky.
8/30/2004 c2 Fire Walk with Me
You know something? Out of all of the ghoul and zombie stories I've read here, I think I like this one the most, although it has only spanned two chapters. I'll be keeping my eye on this one.
Keep writing.
8/28/2004 c1 4swaggering curses
Not bad, nice idea, etc; I like the hole in the floor. For some odd reason. But do you realize that almost every sentence starts with "he"? =/
8/28/2004 c1 3Spooky-Girl
Ouh! Mysterious strangah! More, more, write more! I wanna know what happens!

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