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2/1/2006 c1 7Justin Carlton
Very good. VERY good - you have a very good prose in that you can tap into the horror's potential - even if we all know there's no such thing as ghosts (LOL), you were able to keep the story dark and frightening all the way through. Excellent - and sorry it took so long for me to check this out.

What happened to your story about the teddy bear's eye killing the couple's child? That was on my favorites list! It was really good, man.

Finally, wanted to say that chapter three of my "Splinter in the Mind" is up. Feel free to check it out.

Keep writing!
7/4/2005 c1 25Nickolaus Pacione
Man - I wish I had you contribute to TABLOID PURPOSES I because this would fit right in with that anthology. I've been reading some of your work for quite some time, and seems like you've been at this almost longer than me. You should put a collection of short stories together and get them published because this one would make a hell of an entry in a collection. If you ever thought about colaborating I would be game to colaborate with you.

You're voice with this does give a vibe of the authors that are from the pulp era of horror fiction. I should get this to the attention of Joseph Armstead or Terry Vinson because this reminds me some of what they write as far as style wise. The pacing is good too so I have to comment on that, the only thing I would say for you to change is try to make this into a full length novella.
5/7/2005 c1 wazawaisuru
This story is awesome! Toward the end, I was actually holding my breath and the comedic twist was brilliant! I didn't realize you had so many other stories up, I think I'll check out some more.

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