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11/2/2013 c7 1This Beating Heart

I'm truly glad I stumbled across THIS gem. I've never been certain exactly what I was, in terms of religion; my family doesn't care much for defining ourselves in such a way. My sister and I have been raised to be open-minded, and though our mother is Christian, she was never overly bearing. She let us believe whatever we wanted, basically, and I'm thankful for it. My father, on the other hand, was never religious.

As loose as we are in terms of religion, my sister and I were whisked to church every Sunday when we were young. So, we believe in God.

Doesn't necessarily mean I like him, or worship his every word. Which happen to have been recorded by men, who are flawed creatures in every way. Words can be interpreted in so many different ways, after all...

In sum, I lost the awe for the man upstairs when I was fairly young. And - surprise surprise - I was not struck down by lightning. This naturally prompted me to think on the matter of religion.

I've never been able to define what exactly my beliefs were, until I tripped over your writing. I've researched demons and angels and different religions, though not as closely as I would have liked, but the preaching of the faithful never really impressed me. So I turned to demonology, and as I was browsing through the list of demons, I noticed that they represented human vices. Greed, gluttony, wrath, etc...

What exactly is wrong with being greedy? Or angry? Or loving food?

Call me a selfish bitch, but one of my main priorities throughout life was to be content. Not necessarily happy, but content. Which, to me, meant that I could do anything that made me feel content, so long as I never went overboard and it harmed me instead.

I suppose I'm a Satanist then.

The darker side of humanity has long fascinated me, It disgusted me how everyone tried to ignore it, instead declaring themselves above such vile things. Honestly, no one's holy and pure - humans are flawed, why deny it? Acceptance would be so much more liberating. (It was for me, at least.)

I've rambled about myself, I'm sorry. But thank you for giving me some idea of what I might be. Because if Satanists are hedonists (which I most certainly am), then I'm a Satanist. Carnal pleasures have never really fazed me, and I guess I know why. Cheers,

8/23/2012 c4 3FarNorthEast
Your essay is very interesting. Now since this is a sort of delicate religious matter you are writing about, I decided to see for myself the reviews you have been receiving, since people do like to flame.

I am sooo incredibly sorry that people have been reviewing and just HATING not only this religion, but you with an unhealthy fire, it seems. I particularly was shocked at the downright vulgarity of some reviewers. It makes it even worse that they CLAIM to be christian, when really that's not what christianity is about. In my opinion, they will get what's coming to them lol

As a devout Catholic, I'll just go on record as saying this is against my religion. HOWEVER, since there is a golden rule that people keep forgetting (love one another as i have loved you and all that jazz) I just want to say that I respect your ideas and my respect for you has shot up the roof. You haven't foistered your religion on me - I chose to click and read this, therefore there's no reason for me to write hate reviews on you.

Then again, I am pretty open-minded and don't really care about the organizations that divide the human race, so there's that.

Thanks again for writing this and I look forward to reading more of your work.

p.s. people never get satire when they're irate :3

2/22/2012 c6 kelpieinlove
I agree with your views but I my father would most likely disown me if I ever told him. I also think that if Satanism wasn't actually called Satanism there would be many more followers. I'm also glad that you posted this guide because it explained some things I wasn't sure about, though, if I remember correctly, wasn't there more than one form of Satanism?
8/13/2007 c7 5TheBratMan
I quite like the concept of satanism. It is alot like buddhism, which doesnt have any god in it, nor a satan. The only problem with satanism is the name, it gives a bad look to it. I kind of prefer the name "free-thinker". But that is my opinion.
1/16/2007 c1 1blood thirst 33
hail satan!
1/10/2007 c7 1Ajariel the Bloody
Hail Satan! Up to now this is fuck awesome!

Bloody yours,

-Ajariel the Bloody (Feel free to email me if you feel like further discussing the matter)
1/10/2007 c2 Ajariel the Bloody
Isn't it crazy how logic it all is? Fellow Satanist here, nice essay.

Bloody yours,

-Ajariel the Bloody (Feel free to email me if you feel like further discussing the matter)
1/10/2007 c1 Ajariel the Bloody
From another Satanist (me, I'm a commie), nice work. Loved the introduction part about vigin burnings and animal sacrifices.

As to what you were saying about music, well, I like many kinds of music, but I don't think it's up to me whatever any other Satanist likes. I have a Satanist friend who's into classical. Fuck awesome if that's what he likes. I like my retro rock and heavy metal. Whatever floats your boat, go for it, I just don't think Satanists listening to black metal gives anyone a bad name.

P.S. I also love reviews.

Bloody yours,

-Ajariel the Bloody (Feel free to email me if you feel like further discussing the matter)
11/5/2006 c5 5Sashcatmeoww
I reading a fictional story about a girl who converts from Christianity to Satanism due a guy's persuasion. This guy was a little odd but he wasn't a really bad person. He just wanted to show her that there was more to life.

This story, which is on here titled 'Fallen So Far From Grace', inspired me to look more into Satanism, because the author is a Satanist and said so, and also because it's been a year since I renounced Christianity due to (in my opinion) it's ridiculous rules, beliefs, and rituals.

The basic point of my review is to say that I DO indeed agree with you and with Satanism and I was considering picking it up as my religion. However, I didn't see your Email and therefore I don't know how to get into contact with you. If you could, please drop me an Email or contact me through AIM or MSN.

AIM: Sashcatmeoww9

AIM Email:


Thank you.
7/11/2006 c7 2Javelin
Darn, no more chapters *sigh* I hope you continue.
7/11/2006 c1 Javelin
Wow, I don't mean to seem a simpleton, but just this first page shamed me in my basic stereotypical beliefs of a satanist. I am very glad I came across this work. I hope to learn more as I continue.
4/7/2006 c2 1lastwrites
I'm sorry, but I disagree with everything so far. Allow me to quote some of your foolish words.

"Satanism is a religion for the strong."

Satanism is a religion for the weak. Allow me to tell you, Satan does not love you. He could care less about everybody.

But you pointed out you don't "worship" him as an actual being, so my mistake, I was just saying that as a pure point.

Also, homosexuality, I believe, is not necserially a "sin"(technically, it is, but I don't view it as one), but I'm sure it's frowned upon by God. Plus, becoming a Satanist just so you can be gay is retarded.

Also, the Satanic bible is a joke: you can read it in an afternoon, pretty sad considering things that aren't even bibles take a longer time to read. (Harry Potter anyone?)

However, allow me to tell you: You are definetly, 100 percent, going to Hell since you don't believe in God.

(Satanism is for the weak; Christains are strong.)

So, indulge in your sins, foolish one, for the Lord,(even if you don't believe in him) will condemn you to the deep abyss of Hell for doing so.
2/4/2006 c7 Eboniccinderella
I think this is very well written.It's knowledgeable,sensible insight into a belief.

I agree with “Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours”

I am a Christian,however,I am not the blind sheep that some would like to think.Infact,though some are blind sheep,the rest that get lumped into the group are the ones who have their eyes so focused on their shepherd that leads them and guides them.
2/4/2006 c4 Eboniccinderella
This is an interesting read.But what I do not understand is the religion part.Your explanation seems to portray Satanism as a lifestyle and religion is more of a way of life based on the edicts of a higher being that is worshipped,venerated,or at least credited for the existence of this earth.Is this the case with Satanism?

And,are Satanism and Secular Humanism the same thing,and if not,what is the difference?
1/15/2006 c7 6erin.kay
I must give you 'props' to posting this! I am a satanist as well, and reading this is what I've been trying to get across to the close-minded beings on this earth. I am so glad that you have submitted this to educate those who tend to put the whole, 'Hot Topic' trend under Satanism. Not that Hot Topic is bad, I'm just sick of those saying that because someone dresses in their merchandise concludes their religion.Didn't they learn to not judge a book by its cover?Anyway, I applaud your work!
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