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7/3/2003 c1 3The Tesser
I'm impressed. Wonderful work.
1/10/2002 c1 Greg
Wow, again, I'm speechless. The way you use descriptions, and your use of adjectives, and how you can perfectly capture the innocence of the child is excellent. I wish I could do that, I guess it doesn't come freely to me, like it does to you...I think I try to hard. Again, wonderful pieces, you're one of my favorites .
1/27/2001 c1 33A Melancholy Autumn
Another brilliant piece, here. I repeat what I said in my other review, "Wow." You have a way of catching attention and holding it all the way through.

1/12/2001 c1 6NoRtHsTaRkItTiE
I love this story you are on my fav list for this
1/11/2001 c1 northstarkittie
I can't believe how good this is i am in aww i hope you write more
1/10/2001 c1 14Nuri
That was sucha great and original story. I liked the end.
1/9/2001 c1 27OllieLemur
Ex- Well, well, this is new! Okay, begin crit here- the descriptive words and your use of them were just the right amount. I have that sort of problem where I don't know when to use them and when it's enough. But you, my friend, have mastered it. Kudos on that. The piece truly lends itself to a frame of mind that a youth in school, or who goes to school when school is open, would feel. Like about the rocks and trees, and their 'learning abouts.' The simple joys in life. The lack of knowledge of the evils adults know about how good it is to sleep in late. This place really sounds pretty, and ideal. Sort of relaxing and exciting all at once. Oh, how I wish I could go back to the days when I too could be a child and not fear going out into the sun, or ticks falling from the trees, but just run around the allergy-inducing fields and play on the bug-gut smeared rocks, and splash in the bacteria filled puddles and streams. Build forts. Play games. Play detective.. yeah, that'd be fun to do again. But, play with kids even if I didn't really like them and they really didn't like me. I miss that. You play because, heck: you want to do something! Note, you need a couple paragraph breaks at times, when you change ideas and thoughts. A minor thing, but I'm crit-ting, so I'll point it out. Seth was always the weakest of the voice

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