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8/6/2005 c4 14insert funky name
HOMG! I love you :D:D:D
5/28/2005 c2 Lunar Nightshade
So random and chaotic. I found it most amusing. Keep up the good work. -Lunar Nightshade
2/24/2005 c3 insert funky name
well this is strange. funny but strange. i love it update soon please

ps: gilmore girls is NOT nerdy! XP okay maybe it is... ah well
12/27/2004 c1 Gaki
LOVE ME LIKE YOU'VE NEVER LOVED ME BEFORE! For I, your wonderful and faithful author has updated the best story of all her existance of writing...lol, BROKEN WINGS! I feel accomplished...how can I ever say how I feel right now, breaking "Is it just a dream or are things as they really seem? Somebody help me make the call!" ~Styx, (One With Everything) OH YEAH! R&R if you still follow it pal...heh,heh...
11/16/2004 c1 Gaki Toki
To be completely honest...I don't mind your back seat writing...I love to know what my readers think and what they would like from me. Thanks for the wonderful review and keep giving me tips and inspiration...of course I really didn't mean for the guy in his room to be that...important, I only wanted him to...take up space...lol, Jason's supposed to b the great character here...lol, but he's not there yet and he has a long way to go in Broken Wings...I just don't know how to get there...help me on that one...PLEASE!
10/4/2004 c3 Queen Creepy
Did what?
It's my job to steal the good china! *crash* Ignore that teacup. I'm stealthy. Booya!
New Jack comicbook! And you were supposed to email me!
10/4/2004 c2 Queen Creepy
Roll your own eyes, dammit! These are mine!
Yaiba sounds hot. I'm hyper. I read fast.
Dots are awesome. Keep'em coming.
9/21/2004 c1 6Mockingbird1999
Hi...uh, great story...*twitch, twitch*
9/20/2004 c1 Gaki Toki
But the point was that he's MY little man-whore! lol *cuddles w/Jason*
9/15/2004 c3 1JDWrites
Yeah...DarkBart yelled at me to update but I only had half a chapter done and if you were wondering it's the Buffalo Bills, Football. The team for most of NC is the Panters, ya know, they lost the Superbowl last season. And I lost ten bucks... *Sigh* Hell will freeze over before the Bills get to the Superbowl, lol. Btw, I have writer's block for Broken Wings, so I have no idea what the heck to do... I can't get my email so...uh, check out my homepage and put some ideas on the guestbook er somethin...
Lost in Cyberspace,
Gaki Toki
9/8/2004 c2 JDWrites
I like Bip's name! YAY! Anyway, thanks a bunch for reviewing Broken Wings, I planned to stop if no one else reviewed so thank you!(I wouldn't stop writing but I'd stop posting) Are you gonna read it's partner story too? You don't hafta, but I was just wonderin'...
Piano lover,
Gaki Toki
9/7/2004 c1 Queen Creepy
I read fast. Good story. Keep writing. I
'm bored.
9/4/2004 c1 14Thanks For Nothing
yay! Moshi Moshi, Mushi Mushi! Yay! The comic will be brought to life! ^_^ hehe...
And the cute little spirits have names! XD Love the bored one and the way he always has an english accent... I seriously think that he was sent off to summer school or somthing in England... or else maybe he's just watched too much Harry Potter? ^.^; hehe. Anywho! XD
as cute as ever! ^.^ Love the cute things! XD keep it up, ke-chan! hehe...
9/2/2004 c1 1Citrus-Vinaigrette
Hiya! I thought the chapter was good! Its very cute and humourous! Sorry I can't help you with the stuff at the top. Update soon! ^_^
9/1/2004 c1 1JDWrites
Forget it, I love the story but don't worry 'bout the chapter being short, some of mine are short and some people hate me because most of the time the first time I post a story, they have two or more chapters already! lol, most of them have a prologue though. If you could read one of mine I'd sure be grateful!
Smiling Till the End,
Gaki Toki
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