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1/2/2005 c1 9EmeraldEyes89
I love this poem. I am not really sure how to describe it, but It's really good. A lot of people can probably relate to it, though, for some people, in the end, death could be a solution. I'm not saying that people should go out and kill themselves, but death really coudl be an only option for someone out there. Just a thought. *shrugs* anyway...im out

11/20/2004 c1 14InfiniteNeurosis
It may be morbid, but depression is not something easily over come. i don't think you need god or religon to overcome it at all. You people...I hope you don't plan to force others to become of your faith. It's good and all that you support something you believe in though. I'm an Agnostic/aethist person so if you read any of my stuff don't be suprised. I think you emphasized your point in all caps! ^^' It's an allright poem though. I would read the rest of your stuff, but I have feeling it has something to do with religon so I better not. ^^'
11/14/2004 c1 5Crimsonoaks
nice job. I like how u repeat "the morbid obsession" was it supposed to all be in caps? anyway, good poem.
11/11/2004 c1 25noodlegirl 28
hey i really like this poem it's interesting
11/1/2004 c1 23Captain Blunderbuss
Well, gee whiz, I was suprised to see a review from a "Mormon pricess" I happen to be a member too. Isn't that crazy? Well, I wouldn't call it an obsession of people, more of something floating in the back of our minds. Well, gotta run!
11/1/2004 c1 132mizu no kokoro
you've expresed your point well through capital letters^^
I likes it!
10/27/2004 c1 94flyinfrogg
I understand how that feels, one of my friends is like that too. BTW, I might just do that LDS thing.
9/27/2004 c1 10BasketweaverJesser
Hon, this poem goes against Mormon Doctrine. It's completely evil. All things that trow you in a depressive stupor is.
Hope you might find something more cheerful to write soon.^_^
PS It's good to know that I'm not the only Mormon on FictionPress
9/16/2004 c1 44Amara the Warrior
Hmm...is this telling others not to commit suicide?
9/14/2004 c1 36LittohAznDork
This is a VERY well written poem. It flows very nicely. I think you made a little typo on the 4th line, but otherwise very nice. :]
9/14/2004 c1 5RedHairedWriter
"Death will never be the answer" I like that for some odd reason. I appresiate it if you could read a poem of mine, 'Deceased'. Good poem.
9/12/2004 c1 BurGerBee
Okay, do you know how many literary laws you violated by writing this poem, two to be exact, you should NEVER write in all caps, it makes your poem look sloppy and hard to read, and you should never write a poem that sucks. By the way Mormon Princess, what would the elders or the prophet say if they read this horrible disgrace...
"Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, follow the prophet, he knows the way... he wants you to, erase this poem, because he hates it, and you suck"
9/6/2004 c1 MaHaLLz
the caps sorta messed up the mood but it was a good poem. nice repitition. i liked it.
9/5/2004 c1 vanburen
This is a pretty nice piece. I especially like the line "the knowledge of knowing how easy it is". The only thing that takes away from it is all of the caps. It kind of makes me go, "urg! my eyes!" but this is still very well done.
9/4/2004 c1 24she's not breathing
hi thanks for the review!
i like the poem - really nice repetition and a good topic to write on. and i totally agree with the message of it. but i think it kills the flow and really doesn't work when you put it all in caps. other than that, well done.
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