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9/22/2004 c18 PhiloNysh
You're truly amazing- the way you managed to update almost everyday! *has a lot of respect for you*
9/21/2004 c17 IntergalacticOctopoda
nngh, ryann is reminds me of some guys i would like to kill. that was wonderful ra-chan, you have the thoughts down well, i like Sylvia ... Meena ... urhm ... ish. but Sylvia is nice :) more ra-chan, don't disappoint your fans now.
9/21/2004 c17 PhiloNysh
'tis cool! Good luck in your test!
9/21/2004 c17 13Seraindipity
Yay you! Great story! Fun sex! Awesome characters. I've been meaning to write stuff like that... but right now I'm pushing the 14A line and I'm very afraid I'll get in trouble... And I want everyone to read my stories... Not just people who are eighteen etc. Ah well... I thought your writing was pretty okay, excepting only one thing. When you use onomatopeias like "CRASH" and "DING" it makes me cringe... I really don't think those belong in literature. Because a word like "crash" can easily be replaced by some thing like this:
The sound of metal against metal was ear-piercing. Anna was lost in a flurry of twisting, shrieking metal and flying sparks. The wheels of her car screeched their protest. But she didn't hear.
That actually sucked, but it sort of tells you a bit more than 'CRASH', eh?
As for ding... For a second I thought you weere describing and orgasm... To me that would have been an obscenely idiotic orgasm... Other than that... things were quite good.
9/21/2004 c17 8AbusivePen
Uhg i just realized something the guy Ryan... uses such vulgar languange and do u know what? I like a guy name Ryan, sheesh talk about I'm afraid he might be like that...
9/20/2004 c16 erin
YAY LONG CHAPTER even tho a lil kinky at the end ;) anyway YES LONG CHAPTER I LUV LONG CHAPTERS *just one whole day til another one...* *starts counting hours, minutes...seconds...milliseconds* *CRIES* THAS A LOTTA SECONDS anyway yeah excellent chapter :D
9/20/2004 c16 Faded-omce-again
..lazy to sign in...hehe thanks for the reviews
9/20/2004 c16 Faded-omce-again
..lazy to sign in...hehe thanks for the reviews
9/20/2004 c16 Faded-omce-again
..lazy to sign in...hehe thanks for the reviews
9/20/2004 c16 AbusivePen
Yes Yes you have inspired me to write a story but its basically still in my head, it also deals with rape. If i ever post that story it would have to be at w.fanfiction.net/~XXAeris4rmff7XX cuz its based on a game... anyways i love this story its so good, better than mine i can tell you that, I'm not that good @ writing but keep going its such a good story!
9/20/2004 c16 Jackie
It was very good! It was so nice, especially the end. I'm a sucker for romance. I don't think Anna should care about her mom, because she only wants to make ammends since she's dying and doesn't want to go to hell, and ryann is one dirty freak! I didn't know you were capable of writing such explicit things! Well it was a great chapter, just now I'm scared for Anna because of ryann...shudder...
9/20/2004 c16 Amber
Ryann should die! lol i dont like him at all but the chapter is really good
9/19/2004 c15 IntergalacticOctopoda
hehe, well now, i think that was ... hm, that ranks up with some of your best cliffhangers. i hope she makes up with her mom, then she can go far away from the town. ryan's back eh? damn, make the next chp good ra-chan, or else ... i'll bite you.
as soon as you finish this one go to ISLAND!
9/19/2004 c15 erin
*screams* WHAT? THAT CHAPTER? ...OMG it's PUNY *cries* now i hafta wait UBER long just for another one *cries* *kicks and screams*
why is author torturing me? *screams*
9/19/2004 c15 PhiloNysh
I don't know about out of character- he's trying to open Anna's eyes, and mind, but I think it was a bit harsh of him.
I like this story so far. I'll just bet that's Ryann- *is sickened by him*
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