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for Flower in the Rain

9/19/2004 c15 Jackie
NO! That DAMN ryann is back. I'm so going to kill him! Poor Anna, all that she's been through and now this. Screw her mom she should just go live a happy life with Matt and never go to that town again! Sorry for being so opionated,lol but I can't help it when it comes to reading stories I get very caught up!
9/19/2004 c14 IntergalacticOctopoda
bwah ... PDA? lol, not bad ra-chan, ah the popularity is awesome, knew it ... hehe, that was good. so, keep it up, and UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!
9/18/2004 c14 Amber
you are doing a great job lol and sorry to hear about u getting grounded and all thats why its nice living on ur own lol anywho keep up the good work!
9/18/2004 c14 Jackie
You say uber, I say tres but in the end it all means the same thing. It was VERY good.
It's so romantic...hm...yeah you're right if all guys were like this there would be NONE left. Great writing!
9/18/2004 c14 PhiloNysh
Gahh! Interesting. I knid of feel sorry for Anna though, having to answer that question! Update soon!
9/17/2004 c3 kim
the story is really interestin!
9/17/2004 c13 8AbusivePen
Wow its very good, very good I wonder what will happen with Anna and Matt hehe did you know bcuz of you I got some inspiration to write a new story? God someone stop me, my friends are starting to get mad @ me and my writing
9/17/2004 c13 Rinfirithiel
wow i love this story! this wasnt the last chapter, i hope!
9/17/2004 c13 6WDPKR1
goD! I like this story alot!
9/17/2004 c13 Jackie
Matt is so sweet. Wow, if guys in real life were only like that...sigh...
If Ryann does ANYTHING to mess this up I WILL PERSONALLY KILL HIM. Not that you can kill a chracter but I'll find a way!
9/17/2004 c13 erin
...i just spelled my own name wrong and had to fix it ... wow anyway ^_^ nice chapter er... ... yes very long compared to last one... :D yay! hehe but since it is STILL morning! i hafta wait a whole day... *sits around stares at screen* oh yes... you might want to go back and fix a few spelling errors that's al
9/17/2004 c13 Amber
YAY SHE LOVES HIM! i love this chaptther they just keep getting better and better GOOD JOB:)
9/17/2004 c13 IntergalacticOctopoda
*chokes down laughter* at this moment i am teasing you ... hehehe, that was awesome. i'm so glad she finally got up. he stopped ... wow ... cool. so ... *nudges* more? soon? lol :P it was awesome ... more!
9/16/2004 c12 Jackie
Hey...I have ESP, I know when SpongeBob Square Pants is on. Speaking of undersea creatures I am very sorry your goldfish died, I'm sure he would have loved to accompany you on a trip to Sea World to see Shamu. R.I.P. Goldy.
About the story, it is again as I said before TRES SAD and I'm glad Anna is waking up...I think. That ryann bastard better not mess anything up when he comes in the picture...if he does ;)
9/16/2004 c12 erin
O_o...nice chapter... i don't like da cliffhanger *shakes computer* C'mON! i kNO there's another chapter! okay okay im getting cuckoo =/ anyway excellent chapter *wish they were longer so i can stick on em longer*
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