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for Flower in the Rain

9/16/2004 c12 Amber
YAY another update how do u find the time updateing everyday? anywho keep up the good work it gets better everyday:)
9/16/2004 c12 IntergalacticOctopoda
::smirks:: didn't i tell you? since when have i been wrong. you have talent ra, and people see it. ::rakes hands through hair:: that was hella awesome. i'm used to your formats so its not hard for me to understand. lol, hm, i wish i was the first one to read this but its so difficult. muah! keep it up, its awesome.
9/16/2004 c11 PhiloNysh
Another startling chapter, though it was a bit difficult to figure out who was thinking. Nonetheless, brilliant chapter
9/15/2004 c11 Jackie
Hey! This is very sad now. I hope Anna wakes up! Matt is so sweet! He really does love her not like that asshole ryann...ugh, I don't like him...uh oh, I just had a thought...might ryann come back? :O That would suck tres much, (cause I hate him).Lol, thanks for writing every day! It is very much appreciated!
9/15/2004 c11 erin
nice job using italics this time :D hm i liked this chapter lots and lots
uber much eh? :P anyway me LUVS big chappies! haha make more chappies! :D
9/15/2004 c11 side
This is such a great story, I love the way you input psychology into the plot, quite ingenious. This last chapter brought tears to my eyes. I do get a little confused with the italicized words.
9/15/2004 c11 Amber
YAY ANOTHER REVIEW! u have 27 reviews now:) so keep up the good work and i look forward to ur next update
9/14/2004 c10 IntergalacticOctopoda
*aniff* that was sad ... wow ... you're awesome ... damn you ra ... you making me sad ... thats bad ... i can feel the tears. keep going .. i KNOW where you live so i can find you and make you continue. sorry it took me so long to read, damn school and you told me to finish all my hw ... see, didn't i tell you? i knew it'd be popular. lol ... btw ... *shrine to ra's talent and her awesomeness* lol ... keep iy going.
9/14/2004 c10 Amber1986
are u going to update anytime soon:( lol good job so far:)
9/14/2004 c10 Jackie
DAH! I can't believe Anna crashed her car! I hope she'll be okay! I don't really understand where she was going, her parents was it? But then why would she be apologizing to Matt? I'm sorry I'm such a dumbass and don't get it, lol. Great story, can't wait to find out what happens!
9/14/2004 c10 erin
_ bah...u let her have a car crash? _ *cries* NO :D okay anyway nice chapter but... there always to be a but!
you need to make sure your formatting comes out okay -
italics stuff is sorta ... indenting at random places? and um O_o... i dunno i didnt like that it was indented near the letter (im assuming) thing cuz it messed me up but i like that you did put the letter in! so what im saying is maybe figure out a way to set the song apart so it doesn't conflict with the story =/
excellent story going so far though :D
9/14/2004 c10 PhiloNysh
Wow! Stunning chapter- and up so quickly. I am really impressed by this story, it portrays real life, and doesn't dress it up. Well done1
9/13/2004 c9 Jackie
Hey again! This is getting very sad. Anna must let Matt in her life! I don't understand what Anna has asked of the proffessor maybe you just didn't explain it yet so I could be wrong. Great writing! And oh yeah, I like that Maroon 5 song too.
9/13/2004 c9 PhiloNysh
Wow! This is brilliantly compsed. You technique impresses me immensely. I almost came to tears at a point in this story. It's brilliant- absolutely brilliant!
9/13/2004 c9 Amber
i feel so special lol great story and that ryann guy is a real meany butt too anywho thanks for updateing and going back to bed now:)
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