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9/12/2004 c3 121Seeker of the Way
Wow! I really liked this. I read it twice in a row!
a cop recently pulled me over, i was alone on a darkened highway. He was mad cause he alomost ran me off the road adn so I honked at him (pathetic Honda horn) and flashed my lights at him. I was trying to get on the highway, he COULD have slowed down or pulled into the other lane, instead he sped up at the last possible moment preventing me from getting in front of him.
"Don't get all Johnny Cocharin on my ass." he comes to the window with this. Then gave me a bogus ticket. I wrote abotu it in my diary, do not want to re-hash it. I have to go in to see a judge about it soon ... I have what I need so I will get no fine or whatever. i plan on making the judge hear me out.
We pay these people to protect us, and suddenly they ARE the law instead of custodians of it. We have a "police blackout" here, meaning there ar eno officers available to take a call. Like what happened to me. I should NOT have ben pulled over, I should NOT have been given a ticket. What if domestic abus was going on? A robbery or something much worse than some cop having a bad day and taking it out on the innocent.
9/6/2004 c2 David Stephen
These are all brilliant! I love them! 'Applauds'. I am back to school tomorrow :'( Luv David xx
9/6/2004 c2 Seeker of the Way
I didn't like the sound of the first sentence, and there was not really a story here. But, otherwise ok! Sorry, you know this is NOT a flame! cheers!
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