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7/12/2006 c2 109ADSpencer
Haha, I loved the cartoon conversation. TV guide...lol. That's sadly like my friends. They know where I am on a Friday night because all my shows are on.
7/12/2006 c1 ADSpencer
Nice introduction. I fell in love witht he first few paragraphs. Anyhow, I'll HAVE to read more of this.
7/31/2005 c1 bellamyisminesobackoffyoushe-devils
i want another chapter...NOW! GIVE IT TO ME!*begins to cry*
7/30/2005 c13 undercover-angel96
wow... luv this story, i luv ur humour, keep it up and update soon! ^.^

7/25/2005 c13 Lainex
*laughs* Was it just me, or did Alex say in his letter that Syd would like Chanel...? Great writing so far, and I love the dialogue.
7/13/2005 c13 sexyzbratz
i'm begging u...please update! please!
6/26/2005 c13 birleywhirligig
Cackle cackle... I love the bit where Sydney whacks Nick in the jaw. That's so funny! This story is really good, by the way, you'd better uupdate soon!
5/2/2005 c13 12secretliesandonesides
Awesome chapter I love your story you are by far one of the best writers that I have read on fictionpress by faryour story is amazing to read i love the whole thing I hope you update soon as I REALLI want to know what happens congratulations on your amazng story :) and I look forward to seeing what happens next Keep it up !
4/29/2005 c13 mistress of manipulation.bec
Altering the laws of physics to suit your own agenda... Megean, tisk, tisk. Even evil masterminds bent on total world domination, such as myself, do not stoop to such a level. We simply create our own laws: far simpler really...

Anyway, the only reason you are quoting, Einstein, relativity and physics is because you know that Net and I do not study that subject. However, I know enough about the subject of bull shitting: you are looking at a master... to know that you are bull shitting, and most likely confusing your point as well.

Speaking of paradoxes, how cool would it be if we could travel not only through time, as if there were only ever the present, but also alternate universes: created everytime a person is presented with a particluar choice. In that mindset, every possible outcome of the choice would create an alternate world... I love the idea...

Anyway, you have brought up nothing that I can dispute furthur. NB: this is not a compliment to your arguement, simply an acknowledgement of your lack of it and failure to engage.

Btw Nets, u can't be going mental, cos u achieved that status a long time ago... hehe

Oh I wouldn't particularly recommend the Nunnery story to Meagan though... which means that at this very moment my comment has sparked her to go and read it...

Well I have to go... This is fun... But time waits for no man/woman...
4/29/2005 c13 abellamy
heyayeh i liked it! m nick
4/29/2005 c13 The Headkicker
Netna: So glad I could amuse!

Beccy: cLearly i have NOT been present during your deep and meaningful conversations.I didn't comment on your name because I thought it suited you. If you weren't blonde and blue eyed I'd have thought you were related.You guys keep telling me to loosen up - I would think that you would have known me long enough to realise that though I may seem stuffy I'm actually in stitches when i "read and review".I just choose to stay true to a particular law of physics (which I have conveniently altered)"Every action requires an equal if not greater reaction".

whats more, with this whole maturity thing, if we were to follow the common misconception that age and maturity are directly proportional to one another, then who would be the more mature. It depends on your frame of reference, you see. If for example, you were in an inertial frame of reference and I was in a non-inertial frame of reference, then we would both see each other as more mature(and of course state the opposite in defence). However this is a paradox and can only be resolved if we were to return to a mutual frame of reference. Then it would be clear that the one who was in the non-inertial frame of reference actually did mature whilst the other only appeared to - this is known as time dilation, and if you're a little unclear on anything I can call the Man upstairs and ask Him to put Einstein on the line for you - Have a nice weekend!Mia: need I keep apologising, or are you used to it now? Great story. HURRY UP and UPDATE!
4/28/2005 c1 nets of nas

uR SO funny megs, im only trying 2 rile u up- ur hilarious!

bec+meg: u ppl r so imature! its funny (wipes tears away) its like the good old days...


i think im going mental.

u ned to loosen up a bit megs - read my other stories! theyre G rated...i think...mwahahahaha!
4/28/2005 c13 Speckles AKA bec
Netna! You are pure GENIUS!I love your story idea... and am so flattered that my evilness could inspire your creativity... I must stop now or I will begin an huge monologue as to how I am going to take over the world... (guess the movie reference Net.)

Meagan you appear to be getting overtly defensive... As to your comment about spelling errors. Of course I've made spelling errors before: it's just SO MUCH FUN correcting you!Besides, cynical is a word that represents me so well... You were mortally offending me with your incorrect spelling of a word so inherent to my character.

And as to me being so immature as to me never having a decent or proper conversation. You clearly have not been present in the number of times i do have deep conversations... But may I also remind you that we are 17! And if I cant have fun and be stupid in a little internet forum without being told off... I'm afraid the world is in fact coming to an end... A very bitter end.

P.S: I notice you have not commented about my name... btw your name is still sucky... hehe, I love being evil.
4/27/2005 c13 Headkicker
Beccy:I don't fear your evil comments, I only fear that your lack of maturity will get you into trouble one day (and also prevent any decent conversation.)

and what are you, a spelling teacher? have you never spelled anything wrong in your life before, Miss Perfect?

You wanna know the reason why my name is Headkicker, miss provoking...m, maybe i'll give you a demonstration one day!

Netna: "lack of maturity", you say, or a certain sensitivity to vulgarities!I addressed you with perfect politeness but after such cutting, puerile comments you can expect the same treatment as beccy(hahaha)no I'm not gonna be a nun?just because I'm not into your 'story'. i love life and am too undisciplined to hanle a life so restricting.

Sorry Mia, it's becoming a bad habit.love THE HEADKICKER!
4/27/2005 c13 fudgewitch
WAT? DANIEL'S A BOY? No...~Anyhow, its ok meg, i dont take offense to ur lack of maturity in being able to read my story... Are u gonna be nun when (if) u grow up?~Bec u inspire me! I'm writing a story about this sadistic evil girl who learnt how to make explosives at Retaval, immigrated to Bagdad, and was secretly adopted by Osama BinLaden (ur hubby, that lives under the kitchen sink), and is responsible for the World Trade Centre Bombing back in 19somethingsomething... Osama is just a figure head for terrorism - u are its mastermind...wat do u think?
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