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10/19/2004 c6 Jezebel
interesting...very interesting...yes...interesting...hm...i like umbrellas...
10/16/2004 c6 1Wicked Saint
Who the bloody bloomin' arse are you? I'm the only Mia Orlando Bloom knows! You stealing (starts name calling)! He's mine!11 MINE! ALL MINE! MY PRECIOUS!
(feels one of the seven personalities in her take a hold of her body & mind)
Pardon the lunatic who wrote the drivel above, we can't say she's not always like that, but really she is. Ah. We've had so much fun reading this story. How sad that we have to live in this body...it's frustrating to share it with someone as...as...(the seven personalities sighs in unison) We cannot find the right words to describe her...we doubt there is any word at all in any language of any dictionary that describes her.
But anyway, this is pretty hilarious and very outrageous. We can't wait..and probably so does the demented psychopath whose body we live in and occasionally take hold on for minutes of so.
10/12/2004 c6 AshBellamy
so may dear mia,
when is there to be a guest appearence by the oh so sexy matt bellamy and his lovely wife? soon i hope. great story by the way.
p.s penguins rock
10/11/2004 c6 miniqiduz
I can't say myself that this was my favorite chapter, but i did like the casablanca, probaly because i have read stories like this chapter and they this seems all too much the same
asides from that its pretty good, but i kinda think that your losing your touch mia, probaly because you've lost your excitement
i dunno...
so after i said that, it means that your next chapter better "blow" me away(hahaha, thats so gay) anyways keep writing mia and dont procrastinate!
Miniqiduz ('' ; )
10/10/2004 c6 NoFlyingPigsHere
uh, okay, interesting thing that he's gay. keep writing!
10/6/2004 c6 impulsive-writer
mia, mia, mia...
while ur 6th chapter may have been more coherant narrative wise. u have broken one of the single most important rules when writing...
you cant change your personal pronoun thingy whatever the hell u call it thing!
however this may be forgiven if u change this, (either by rewriting the entire story in 3rd person or rewriting the 6th chapter...)
this forgivness will be drawn from the fact that u meantioned MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL in ur story, which just happens to be one of the best bloody films ever...
i do, however belive that u should watch this film before writing about it...
Casablanca also rocks!
ahem... i dunno mia i think ur losing it... or changing.. i dunno... the chapters have changed. maybe its cos ur spending less time on it..i do not kno.
btw: pls dont tell me that the character i am supposedly based on (i still cant see it...) falls for the gay guy?
mia is this R2? ur 2nd reality? wtf!
and wahts wid the friggin butler?
pls Sydney can clean 4 herself. i think ur story would be far more believable if she were living in a normal house not a sydney superstar harbour views one...however it is ur fantasy. i mean fiction...
ps: point of view really sux... it agitates me serverely... u end up telling the story twice which is quite unnecessary.
apart frm that a reasonable chapter... cliched but i think ive said enough.
thankyou and goodbye. cheers.
just one more thing: who is bumblebee and who is papermate?
come on u didnt think i wouldn't?
(she turned me into a newt...i got better...)
10/5/2004 c3 impulsive-writer
mia, claudi, who's bumblebee?
and with that who's papermate?
i will never stop bugging or asking u...never... never i tell you!
excellent...ahaha ahahahaha ahahahaha
(cough.. splutter...evilness... mr burn's hands)
10/4/2004 c1 impulsive-writer
no i will not stop asking who bumblebee is never never! thanks for the review... it was so detailed. (please note the sarcasm) anyways gtg. would u pls edit!
10/4/2004 c2 1Siggrapheas
I'M not sane.
Spongebob rules!
Randomness isn't a word? crap.
Oh well. great story so far!
~Siggrapheas/ Flowing Quill.
10/4/2004 c1 Siggrapheas
Amen. (And thank you SO much for your review! I plan to add a faery tale every chapter.)...stupid popular people...you have inspired me to write a fic based on true stories...no, not the inspiring kind of true stories, but the i'm-sitting-in-science-class-and-a-girl(a cheerleader of course)-freaks-out-because-she-is-utterly-convinced-that-there-is-a-black-hole-in-her-front-yard kind of story. Only, it will be from a cheerleader's point of view! Twisted, no? please tell me what you think!
~Siggrapheas (OK, I am bursting, and thus have to tell SOMEONE: siggrapheas is my alias for FlowingQuill.) :D
10/4/2004 c5 brunette babe
this chapter was not as good, but it was still quite comic...
a little more description would really help...
update soon... you can expect to hear from me ;)
10/4/2004 c4 brunette babe
Ok the violence was abit cliche but i still like it hehe
the guy Nick is so gorgeous
10/4/2004 c3 brunette babe
well well, she reveals a very violent side, i like it
the boy is a hotty
10/4/2004 c2 brunette babe
Another great chapter!
10/4/2004 c1 brunette babe
well, i love how you started off... its a cool start... hehe
keep going
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