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10/4/2004 c1 Bat Boy
I like this story...
10/4/2004 c5 Chocolate junkie
Hey again
Chase is pretty cute hehe
man i rememba when i got into a bitch fight and trust me, Sydney had it easy...in my case she wanted to date my bf which was such a no go... maybe i should tell you his name since i tend to rant about him for ages
his name is Ryan... well cya
10/4/2004 c4 Chocolate junkie
Another well done chappie
but she is abit violent but hey, it's what everyone wishes they can do to thos damn backstabbers hehe
(secret fantasy revealed)
so i say YOU GO GIRL
Nick is hot
my boyfriend is hot too
10/4/2004 c5 Peroxidechic
hey, your story sucks, sorry.
Joking, I liked it, and that Cynthia reminds me of someone I know...
Anyway I just wanted to say your story is pretty cool and a welcome distraction to my busy life (note the irony, I liked the character of Sydney though i must say, the first chapters are funnier than this one. Nick sounds kinda gay, i can tell you are a girl, sorry, apart from that I liked your story. its cheesy, fluffy and corny but in a way that welcomely palatable
10/4/2004 c3 Chocolate junkie
Nick is so cute and Sydney is gorgeous i love her too she's just like when i got my first crush which wasnt recently hehe
well i hope you keep it up
10/4/2004 c2 BIg feet big- kiddin
Luv it so far, hehe, she make her classmates sound like they're wild animals, which is more than i can say for some of the people at my school...
great story cya l8er
10/4/2004 c5 Sweetnovember
Hey I really liked this fic, its a bi cliche but all right. I'd really like some more description of the characters etc, I've seen that your chapters are becoming much more polished which is very welcome.
10/4/2004 c1 Chocolate junkie
OMG! Nick sounds so much like my boyfriend its so not funny!
i lurve the story and you have to update
10/3/2004 c3 Christina
I LOVE UR STORY! it rocks! OMG!. this is so on my favorite list...pls update i cant wait!
10/3/2004 c5 Angel
I really like your story! more description on Nick would be good!, Please update!
10/3/2004 c1 Gemma
Great story! keep ot up
10/2/2004 c5 miniqiduz
Hello again, I know i have been dawdling about putting reviews up, but now i have, so you cant be angry at me anymore :D Well I really like "Nick"(the story nick!, so dont get any ideas) I think it is a bit mushy but hey, im the kinda person that does like mushy things because it makes me laugh..hehehe(how do you come up with these ideas?) Well, you need to do a bit of editing, as you already probaly already know. But your story is shapping up pretty good and i think you should put up longer chapters.
Minnie :D
10/1/2004 c5 impulsive-writer
yeah its ok. it started of alright but now it's getting cliched though. i think you should change the guy's perspective as it seems a little effeminant. good though, just needs editing.
9/30/2004 c5 claudie audie
Hey Mia,
you know what I think about this chapter but if you want I can reiterate it again:
I love this story, but I guess we are both well aware about my apprehension about this chapter.
I'm glad you edited this chapter because all the beackground stuff was uneccesary, I cannot emphasise more the need for thorough editing as there was quite alot of spelling mistakes, and I, like bec find the two POV quite annoying.
I always appreciate longer chapters and that said I found this chapter had not much plot wise.
Also I loved the character of Sydney and find her character so different this chapter than the others. Sydney was so bombastic in the last chapters is pretty demure in this chapter, perhaps the violence at the party was a little too farcial, but I think that Sydney has lost some of that snarkiness I really enjoyed reading.
Apart from those criticisms, I love your story and the characters, your writing improves every time and you are really developing the story well.
I eagerly anticipate the next installment.
Claudie :)
P.S. isn't this a most eloquent review? Celco, would be proud.
P.S.S. sorry it took me so long to review, its my darn procastinating nature it is
P.S.S.S Hey Papermate would love this! (Kidding)
P.S *4 update soon
Also I'm v.v.v. excited about your next chapter, escpecially the Casablanca scene!
9/30/2004 c1 Harriet The Spy
(Zoom in to my empty wallet)
sorry that was random. I'm listening to sumthing.
Hey this was alright, except when are you having the actual Airhead Files, like the actual plan, I find your summary misleading. sydney is really violent but she seems to calm down this last chapter. The attacks she does is way too full frontal I think. Its not realistic.
Anyway I think you have potential but you need to be a little more realistic
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