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4/27/2005 c13 becOSAMA
Meagan..."regurgitated teacher's ideas used to brainwash their debators"Huh? What are you talking about? are you still on about my deconstructive talk... because that's an english thing, not debating... That could be interesting though.

"Almost to the point where you and I can't even attempt to exchange pleasantries without fearing cutting comments in reply"Oh really Meagan? You fear my witty comments... hehe... YAY! First step towards total world domination complete: my comments provoke fear in the hearts of people!Muhahahahaha!

By the way you spent cynically wrong... Anway I've always been cynical. I think I may have been born that way.. hehe. Who am I to fight nature?

Anyway I'm tired and my dinner is calling so I'd better leave you...

I know I am provoking aren't I?

By the way the reason for the name changes are that,

1. I cant submitt a signed review more than once.

2. I have so many interesting names that reflect my personality... I cant deprive the world the knowledge of them

3. What kind of name is headkicker anyway?
4/24/2005 c13 Headkicker
My DEAR Becstar(such inconsistency):On reviewing our lovely little chats I have come to the conclusion that my evaluations and arguements are based on common sense, not on regurgitated teacher's ideas used to brainwash their debators - no, I've changed my mind. Debating does teach it's practitioners to think critically, (synically). Almost to the point where you and I can't even attempt to exchange pleasantries without fearing cutting comments in reply. T'is indeed a sad world we live in. Speaking of sad, if you only knew how dull my holidays had been you would be feeling REALLY sad right now.DANIEL: If you know Tess then I would think you would know better then to just do exactly as she says without knowing why. She's the kind of person who might end up telling you to jump off a building, and then laugh heartilly when she realised you were submitting to her every wish - Yes she would think it an awfully good joke. Be warned - Be Careful.(hehehe, just kidding)Mia: I'm so sorry, I'm doing it again - but Beccy is so provoking!
4/23/2005 c13 NoFlyingPigsHere
I luved the chapie! ew, the dude didnt wash his hands...i have a major problem with that...yes, well, anyway, luved it, cant wait for more and sry i didnt review earlier!
4/23/2005 c1 daniel
hey good book ...tess hariss recommended it and i thought i would give it a try and read the 1st chapter but instead i read the whole 13 chapters...oh and tess said to tell you that i am a bloke... dunno why though... cya
4/23/2005 c13 becstar
Witty comments that bear no meaning? How the hell does that relate to debating? Believe me, i wish I could get away with that in debating.

Meagan for your informatiuon deconstructionism is a post modernist movement that says nobody can ever possibly derive the true meaning of any work etc etc... there's a whole lot more to it then that but let me just say it is a very real and quite normal to do such readings on texts... Besides Claudie agrees with me and that has to count for something.

Oh can i just say one more thing... if my reviews are your only entertainment this holidays... that's pretty sad.
4/22/2005 c13 Headkicker
Note to Becmyster(new name - how inconsistent!):In light of your last review, I find it necessary to state that one does not arrive at or express true meaning simply through a tangle of witty words - you can save that for your debating. I shall keep my comments for REAL life. What is more it takes skill to be constructive and still be loved. (hehehe)Mia: I'm sorry for using your net space for other communications. It's just that I do so love vexing Beccy and I get such a good laugh out of her replies, improving what would otherwise have been a very dull holiday. By the way, I find myself once more agreeing with beccy - I think a meglomaniac mudering monster would suit Beccy quite nicely!Netna: How CAN you possibly like Nick - He's a jerk! BTW, I'm sorry I havn't reviewed your story. I got half way down it and found that I could not go on. Please don't take offence - just not my thing.
4/21/2005 c13 2fudgewitch
Ah mia... wat can i say? u've surpassed the barrier of mediocre romantic teen fiction...(wipes tears away)... beautiful...simply... i dont kno how 2 explain it... I WANT NICK! yeah, on a more composed note... hurry up and update!
4/20/2005 c13 impulsive-writer
Well I have to be quick because I have to go to the dentist dammit!I will review in full later.Let me just say one thing...

The idea of you smiling flirtatiously mia, and telling me to "push the button" is down right scary. I'm not going to be able to sleep for a month!
4/19/2005 c13 headkicker
I'm bored! Where's Alex. Get the loser none as Nick off the screen, out of the scene. Sorry but currently too tired to critically analyse your writing technique. nice to see you've updated. keep up the winning streak and do it again. love me.
4/18/2005 c13 2city-gal7
grins flirtatiously?...*cough* sorry, but, i'm not that kind of girl! lol. kidding...so it was cynthia after all huh? with nick? didn't expect that. Nick is stupid! he had to at least see through Cynthia...but no! i was ready to punch his gorgeous face but Syd kinda did that for me *grins* i loved it. Poor Syd though, getting dragged by Nick. She's got a pretty good left hook huh? taught by the ape *cough* Jase. Hm...i was curious when she said "it was in the past" does that mean that she and Alex WERE a couple before and broke up? or did she really like him before? agrggh...too many questions! update!
4/18/2005 c13 Emilea
HEY Darling! mwah mwah! well, i definately dun mind if u get syd a makeover! its a GREAT idea! totalli fantabulous. 100% WOW factor.

so update soon and sooner.! cz i am addicted...*droOlz*

babe anjwl.x
4/18/2005 c13 10satinsmoke
yay! you updated!

anyway, great chapter. ahaha...catfight! anyway, she still likes nick. *sigh* you know, im going to keep on pestering you about that until you have her fall madly in love with alex. :)

im so totally an alex fan.

but, ive told you that enough times :). so...onto the rest of your story...ahaha, jase is totally schizo. but i guess knowing the syd returned the punch was enough for him :). catherine is...insane...and there was no alex in this chapter. *sigh*

alex, alex, wherefore art thou alex? except that wherefore actually means why...so...that above sentence made no sense whatsoever. i can pretend that wherefore means "where". who cares about real definitions?

haha...okay...that was a bad tangent :). in summary, great chapter (although not EXTREMELY great cuz there was no alex =\) and UPDATE SOON!
4/18/2005 c13 32zenni
Great chapter. Cynthia must look terrible after that little incident. hehehe. Please update son
4/6/2005 c1 2Crazy Wynona
hey, liking it!
4/5/2005 c12 becmyster
yahyah... you've already had my "constructive" review... I'm just using this as a platform to address some other issues...

ISSUE NO.1: Am I god? Net... I thought you'd already know the answer to that. And of course I deserve a cameo... actually I'm already supposedly one of Cynthia's bimbos... but hey I'm the supreme being right... so therefore I deserve another... hehe

ISSUE NO.2: Meagan's reviews being constructive and I take it she was having a dig at me... Constructiveness? What is the point? Meagan... Anyone can be constructive... it takes a genius to be Deconstructive... Just look at post modernism. Do you not agree claudie?

ISSUE No.3: Chase rocks! (hehe I'm only returning the favour headkicker...)

ISSUE No.4: Chase Rocks but not in relation to me... Net ur evil... Make me the mass murderer bent on world domination: just cut the in love with a gay guy crap... Actually I think that was a movie once... hm

Blah Blah Blah... I should be doing Maths now but hey, I'm being nice...Luv ya.
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