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4/4/2005 c12 bellamy
4/3/2005 c12 The headkicker
Another long awaited chapter and what do you do? Basically they spend the chapter watching a movie. If you want to keep the reader interested (ie. ME) you have to have a lot happen at once. you have to actually get somewhere by the end of the chapter. Interesting though. And for once I agree with beccy-ditch the POV's. Why? because you never stick to them. You say its narrators point of view, but then suddenly we're getting syd's or Alex or someone elses POV. S I would just ditch the whole idea. i hope you take into account when reading this that my reviews are still as CONSTRUCTIVE, not cruel, as ever. luv ya. H.K.p.s. I'm just ignoring Chase now.( hehehe)
4/2/2005 c12 2fudgewitch
AH! Take me now NIck! Take me now! Wa! i want one! i bet $2o its Alex - that wild vivacious hot thing... sigh... i want i want... dammit mia - y end it like that? oh an by the way Sam is a definite NO, he lied bout his age, turns out he's 23... oh thank GOD 4elder men! i met his younger brother today...not bad ...an i think me an josh are deteriorating...his birthday and johns2day... happy birthday2 you's...

and beckles dear... isnt it a bit much asking4 a cameo? wat r u? God?

An mia - coz were the beseresterest fwends i would like a permanent position in ur text... or else ill tell vincent to talk2u... o scary...

hahahahahaha jks, great chapter mgria, give bec her cameo - make her the invisible school journalist that is desperately in love with the ever so delicious Chase and he can b convertd from fairy to fabio wen she saves him from Chanel who is trying2 run him ova with a bus but gets mysteriously murdered the day after with only a school fountain pen as a clue of who the killer was (which we all kno is bec), an evry1 @skool happens 2 have a pen...an the police cant track it, than Chase wakes up in hospital an sees Bec sleeping in a nearby chair an he gazes at her his face heavy with love, admniration, gratification and wotnot!

Oh the bliss of teen babble!
4/1/2005 c12 abellamy
im...in...LOVE...with Nick! i want him. i want him BAD. real BAD. make him real!
3/31/2005 c12 impulsive-writer
Yeah its the night before exams and i should be studying but hey im realli bored... hence writing this review...

Let me just quote you... A/N its true! I have them at home! It’s the best1That is you referring to pirated DVDs... Are you seriously looking to be sprung here? What if somebody, like it the world was coming to an end and there was no other literature, illegally published ur story... I mean my actions on this issue are none of your concern bc i dun present them on the net... but yeah... ive confused myself but there is a point in here somewhere... look for it.

Oh and the second thing. You are continually telling me that this is FICTION... dude you have just added another piece of evidence to my growing list proving your delusioned fantasy autobiography... hehe the its true I have heaps at home thing... pft...

Hm, did you get confused between Alex and Nick at the end... with Jason asking the questions? Cos he knows whats happening with Nick: the "plan" so why would he ask... I understand mia it must be hard trying to tackle two hot guys in your mind... it must get confusing.. hehe

Um yeah one more thing: my "cameo" where is it? Maybe you can make me a school mag journalist: an intelligent one mind... with just a lil bit of quirky and nerd... cos lets face it thats me..

well thats all... better go study or i'll blame u for my failing... actually i'll blame u anyway... heheluv becmyster
3/29/2005 c12 marga
hey i really liked this chapter! good job!...i told u that nick was totally adorable (even with his image of being a total jerk)! i love him!...i hope he is the one on the phone!...once again i love jase..n chanel is such a little raunt!good on alex (for the heater thing) lovely. ok update fast nxt time. this is one of the best chapters...by the way there's good male imagery going on cuz'the image i have of the guys ..especially nick n alex is so hot... ok cya
3/28/2005 c1 8Lost Soldier REVAMPED
Good call on that one! Oh, sweet irony! This piece is genius, I love it! It reminds me of some pieces I've written. Feel free to check them out.
3/28/2005 c12 FERGUSON WATERS
well well well, considerin your helpin me write this review, it should be good...

(maria) tess wat r u gonna rite?

(tess) we are in shit cos we tried to wag assembly

(maria) i kno but hurry up and rite the review!

9tess0 would you like to join the convo claude?

(claude) sure

(maria) hey claude!

(claude/tess) HEY

(tess) i've made a few adjustments to the ending of your story which i think you'll like cos they are way better!

(maria)we are in deep shit!
3/27/2005 c12 NoFlyingPigsHere
Ack! who called her? i'm thinking nick (btw, my bros name is nik). more evilness against the evil frenchie! another few btws: 1) cool, u live in australia! 2) aw, thanks for all the praise for my story! I will work on it over my 2 weeks of spring break! (i luv the holidays here! they're so long!) anyways, luv the chapie and i can't wait to find out who called her! ps: thanks for giving me longest review i've gotten so far!
3/27/2005 c12 claudie audie
EXCUSE ME. But when did I ever have own any of the movies mentioned (especially the horror movie that cannot be named)? Also I don't own any action movies. And... I do not own any pirated movies... ok... I do... but was it really necessary Mia, to blurt it out on the W? (You never know who might be reading this)...Things are becoming very interesting (Grins evily)Keep up the good work- some good plot twists going on there. The usuals: more description, GET A BETA READER etc. But I'm really enjoying this. Update. but not this week because its EXAMS. BTW ARE YOU CRAZY? WHY ARE YOU WRITING WHEN YOU SHOULD BE STUDYING?

love Claudie :)Also Becky should write more reviews because her reviews are deliciously evil.
3/26/2005 c12 Emilea
o boi geebus. both guys? u gotta be kidding. man. she is too luvd. grr. i want more ppl to luv me too then. hmph. i like alex more than the prik of a nick. neway. yerr. UPDATE!

babe anjwl.x
3/25/2005 c12 10satinsmoke
aww...i was totally DYING every time syd went on a nick rant :(. or started talking with nick :(. or DIDN'T TALK TO ALEX :(:(. argh...HOW COULD SHE LIKE NICK? IS SHE BLIND? OR INSANE? OR CRAZY?

the fact that i thought nick was awesome before alex came into the story is TOTALLY besides the point.

HOW COULD SHE NOT BE MADLY IN LOVE WITH ALEX? gah...the girl...needs...to get...her...brain checked.

*deep breaths*

anyway, hehe. great chapter. chanel was hilarious, and im very glad she got rejected.

3/25/2005 c12 32zenni
oh, excitement! I can't wait to see who that phonecall was from...
3/25/2005 c12 city-gal7
yes yes yes...i reviewed TWICE...but anyway, Nick and Sydney finally spoke (kinda) in a conversation! (kinda) Damn Jase for calling Syd at teh wrong time! Nick called her in the middle of the night right? right? arg! why did u HAVE to put a cliff hanger here? Alex was really sweet to Sydney, and good that he wasn't sweet to the french girl..chanel? like with the cold thing...lol. U updated faster than me! cool! update soon!
3/23/2005 c11 impulsive-writer
ah yes my reviews r fabulous aren't they mia? hehehe... Headkicker I am not even going to use this forum as a podium to refute u as u are below my evil genius agenda and are therefore not worth spending another word on. hehe... u realise im kidding; apart from the evil genius part etc etc. Anyway back to the story... yeah just an editing note mia u said Narrators point of view but then it changes to Alex and there is no meantion of this... i will continually tell u i hate the POV but u, as usual, will continue to ignore my advice...Anyway ash got her appearance... when is mine... the real me not stupid bimbo follower... anywayz... um yeah the continual fantasy of ur life... ur brain is weird... and im glad its not mine... hehe. keep "living" the dream.have fun. luv becOSAMA who is evilness personified...
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