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3/20/2005 c4 Emilea
u noe i was reli happi wen u sed that u wud review all mi chappies wen they come out. heh. it is like, i noe i will be getting those reviews even tho the chappies rnt out yet.^^" i am so pyscho eh? neway, aint gots much to say u noe.. but wot country ulive in?

r these characters in america? i am assuming so ...heh.

babe anjwl.x
3/20/2005 c3 Emilea
heh. i noe how obvious that they like each other. o boi. heh. neway, i am gna make her bro reli hot. i called him nick and then when i went back to ur story i was like...Oo. there is a guy called nick here too...hmm...and now i am trying reli hard to think of a name for da brother that isnt Nick...if i reli cant fink of sumfink then scrw it. da hot bro shall be Nick then! =P

i am writing all these reli long reviews here and there r so mani more chappies to go...at least i type fast. man. =P

babe anjwl.x
3/20/2005 c2 Emilea
lol. i noe the feeling when someone gives u a review. its like, I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD! heh. i am working hard on mi next chappie,i wna get it out today or tomoz cz i reli want the fans i have to keep reading. i reeli want my story to become a success. neway, all the otha stories i reeli faithfully reviewd, i hope their authors will read mi lil story and review it...

i am sure they will cz they r reli nice and alais reply to my reviews. heh. neway. the bro is so hot in ur story eh? makes me wna droOl. heh.

babe anjwl.x
3/20/2005 c1 Emilea
oO. wow. you wrote a long review. thanx for that. cause my story is so new its kinda reli exciting when i get one review. heh. i noe, im so sad eh? neway. the title of your story is so attractive. i mean honestly, its like The Airhead Files- I WANNA READ! and the summary is uber good. what reli made me wanna read it was the part where you said: Did i meantion 4 HOT GUYS were involved.

that was totally it for me. heh. you reeled me in. neway. yer.mwahz

babe anjwl.x
3/20/2005 c11 Emilea
OH! OH! IC IC! alex likes SYDNEY! MWAH! yes! luv is in the air. everywhere i look around! this is so total GENIUS! that was soo smart to get alex to like her! makes sure he likes shows his love for her and then make sure syndey agrees to go out with him and then Nick, the prick, will be oh so jealous because our boOtiful heroine will be TAKEN!

mwahhahahahahahahah. neway. dun mindme and mi total insanity. heh. well, make sure it gets uber-good and make sure LOVE is IN THE AIR! LOL! =P

i am soo high. i luv this story heaps man! it is soo great u noe! neway. cud u please read my only story so far? its BRAND NEW and i dunno wot i reli wanna do wif it truly. so if u cud plz review me that one chappie...i will go and review EVERY SINGLE ONE of THE CHAPPIES IN THIS STORY! yer?

neway. i shud go now. jst plz plz plz read mi story. its called PUNK ROCKER. heh.

mwahz. update soon!

babe anjwl.x

btw, i am adding u to mi fave authors and this tory to mi fave stories!
3/20/2005 c1 headkicker
By the way, my DEAR Becosama, you are so right. How could I have ever even conceived any ideas about competing with such an acomplished evil and twisted mind such as yourself. My DEEPEST apologies. I will never deem to use any mwaha's again. yours TRULY, the officially innocent and naive (and definately NOT evil) Headkicker.
3/20/2005 c11 The Headkicker
What a damned inconvenient place to stop. You had better get the next chapter up quickly. And by the way, you could say a bit more than just my name next time you reply! Going well. luv Megs
3/20/2005 c11 abellamy
YAYYOU ROCK!yes very good chapter, my fav!1
3/20/2005 c11 10satinsmoke
aw...but...alex is SO much cooler than nick! have syd get over nick and get with alex, please? :)
3/20/2005 c11 32zenni
You can't just leave it there! I'm loving all of your characters by the way- and the revenge plots. Please update soon?
3/20/2005 c11 NoFlyingPigsHere
howdy. yay! i loved the thoughts she had in the car! evil frenchy girl...i'm SO sry about me not updating my dumb story. since u mentioned it i'll try start writing with it again! later
3/7/2005 c1 me again
oh yeah and meagan don't try and use the muwhahahahaha: its wrong. u don't do it right, and frankly cause insult to every evil genius the world possesses. cheers. becosama
3/7/2005 c10 bec the ever awesome
sorry i cant be bothered to sign in. Question: how/when the hell did Jason get there? i thought he was busy...Could u get any more stereotypical? hehe taxi driver, french girl... need i go on. yes im glad i scared u meagan. hello? why the hell would i talk about it to u at skool? where would the fun be in that? i could not fulfill my evil destiny if i did that...Oh yeah include me... u kno me... not bimbo me... quirky me... anyway i will bug u until u do... hehe cya
3/6/2005 c9 abellamy
im bored. chase is cool...but i dont like the name chase. sory.
3/6/2005 c10 abellamy
wellity wellity wellity...my scene is not here. may i ask WHY it is not here? hm? but i liked this chapter, its too short but I still like it. Alex aint that great though..sounds lame. "lightly bronzed skin"? "chocolate brown hair fell slightly into his eyes" lame lame lame. cant he be like a hot goth? just a suggestion...dont like the french chick, get rid of her.
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