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1/9/2005 c8 1SomeRandomWriter
hello my delightful cherry picker. After taking interest in your hobby, obsession... whatever, i have concluded you to be hell bent on receiving reviews. So now here it is, an addition to your obsession, a crumb for your appetite.

Hope your slightly satisfied with your 110th review dear dear, obsessed sister.
12/29/2004 c8 2eve-maiden
hey great story so far! i'm alil dissapointed with nick but hey thats ok cause it gives a new twist on the story, and i can't wait to meet alex! keep up the good work and plz update soon!
12/20/2004 c8 impulsive-writer
WELL ITS ABOUT BLOODY TIME!yeah ok... mia i think u shuld lose it with the "deep voice" descriptions... i think they're realli quite hilarious bc u imagin like a sean connery voice n then its just a guy... hm i think u let chase out of his shell to fast. he's gone frm timid to out there all in one go but then again it could be a peroiod time over which the chapters relate. btw u used my right... but u did it wrong... (see above.) oh and i thought u set this in brit? oh well. oh and wat was with the genetically acceptable: i think u should change it cos it sounds like ur sayin gays arent genetically acceptable... just a thought.oh U MUST GET CLAUDI TO EDIT!luv bec.
12/18/2004 c8 B.R.35
Loved it! Those girls sound like sick bimbos (cynthia, etc.). Was really great keep on writing! Please write more soon!
12/17/2004 c8 oh snap. its cheech
Damn you Cynthia! Something needs to happen between her and Nick. NOW. Please? Gosh, guys can really be kinda...bleh sometimes, especially the talkative ones. Even if they are hot. Good job on the chap! You kick ass.
12/11/2004 c8 Trmpetplaya1
Lookit! I pushed the button! ^0^ Heh, anyway, very interesting story you've got here. (The whole 180 Nick thing w/ Cynthia totally threw me off...) Oh, and I must know more about this Alex character. Anyway! Please write more soon! fictionpress.com is the only thing that keeps me sane! (esp. during finals week! Stupid Professors and their cumulative exams...-_-) -Kera
12/10/2004 c8 2city-gal7
Damn! i knew a guy as hot as Chase would be gay! its meant to be right? Jason is so funny! and i like Catherine and sydney's "arguments"...they're hilarious! keep updating cause you got a new fan!
12/9/2004 c8 3SnowAngelz
this story so far...me like, like a lot.nywayz... keep up with the good wrk n update frequently...(plz?)i noe this is the first time i've reviewed buti really do like ur story. hope there's more to come in the near future.
11/28/2004 c1 becmyster
i don't know who u think u r but u can't just come on this website and abuse the hell out of everybody. i really don't know what ur problem is or if this is some form of joke but u hav no right to abuse claudie_audie! its called constructive criticism and if you'd note: she hasn't reviewed the site for a while. i think ur the one who needs to get a life. btw: her "lame" jokes are from the Monty Python boys who just so happen to be the most hilarious and absurdist troupe of comedians in the world!

btw: mia when r u gonna update. u r gettin lazy lazy do u hear me!
11/27/2004 c1 udontneedtoknow
SHUTUP YOU STUPID "BROWNIE"! who the fuck do you think you are? clau_english audie is ever be stupid prik! just because shes an scholar who has good critique skills and all you can do for your review of this (pretty good) story, is make up LAME jokes. Get a life you dumbass and look at yourself before going off and dissing other people who are way better than you. Be very grateful you've left tangara or I would have hunted you down and said this and much more to your face. IM out.
11/25/2004 c7 abellamy
yeh great...there i reviewed now do ur duty
11/23/2004 c6 6Secretive
Have I told you how much I'm loving this story? It's excellent! I love all the relationships that you've displayed, I love Nick and Chase (I understand the whole 'Queer Eye' thing. I've been wanting a gay friend for ages...I have two now-one of both sexes-and for reason this makes me really excited! (Please don't ask, I make no sense sometimes) So, I get what Syd's talking about. ^.^ Just like I get the whole Legolas thing-except I like him better as Will Turner) Anyways, I love your story, and I am writing more of mine-I'm trying to make a really long chapter for the next, to make up for my lack of updates.Now, onto chapter seven!
11/22/2004 c7 miniqiduz
Hello again..Well im putting this review in for you mia, just for the sake of you reaching 100 reviews ! WHEN IS CHANEL COMING IN HM? not happy mia...i will be pestering you at school! well i can safely say that i quite liked this chapter, although you were kinda harsh on "cynthia" but thats understandable(referring to real life character) but it was good. Stop procrastinating! and hurry up with the next chapter! (";) mini
11/21/2004 c4 1Analytical Calico
Um...okay, I just reviewed the seventh chapter, headed for the little arrow, and realized that it wasn't there. So, now I only have one thing to say: UPDATE SOON! Please? Pretty, pretty please? Need more...need much more! ^.^ Please update as soon as you can.
11/21/2004 c7 Analytical Calico
I just love him, he's too great for words. Jason...I love that he was against the stinking Barbie/Britney wannabe. You've got to love a popular guy that hates the bimbos. Is he going to get a girlfriend in this story? Just asking...anyways, another excellent chapter, and I can't wait to read more!
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