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11/21/2004 c6 1Analytical Calico
I knew it! He's gay! I love how your characters reacted to the news! ^.^ I had a friend that just came out this year, and she was expecting the reaction that Chase was-the whole sudden hatred thing. Unfortunately for her, she got that reaction by all of her friends...all of them except me. She was totally disappointed by me, my reaction was more like; "Really? Do you like anyone school? I'm so proud of you coming out!" (I was the first that found out.) Anyways, I loved this chapter, and this story is going on my favorites right now. ^.~ I love it!
11/21/2004 c5 Analytical Calico
*.* Oh, I love it already! Chase seems excellent...is he gay? Sorry, I always wonder about these things...is he a womanizer? Okay, there is a reason why my name is Calico-the who curios cat thing! . Anyways, I love it to pieces, and now you've got me so curious that I need to learn more about this Chase. You can always trust a guy with a name like Chase...or Tate...or Ayden-don't ask. Anyways, great story, and now to chapter six!
11/21/2004 c4 6Secretive
Good Lord, Catherine is just like me! I 'always' take a books to parties, movies, school events, church...basically I always have a book on me, and I own a few diffrent kinds of booklights. ^.~ I just had one of those moments when I'm surprised that someone has my quirkiness down. Anyways, I love this chapter, and Nick is too cute! ^.^ This is excellent!
11/21/2004 c3 1Analytical Calico
Oh! I love Jason! (Yes, I know that I'm supposed to write about how I love your two main characters. But I've always had a soft spot for excellent brothers and matchmakers.) He is too cool! And Nick and Syd are great too! (Hmm...I have a character named Syd too, kind of strange to read about another one.) Well, I'd sit around and gush about your story, but I want to read the next chapter now! ^.~ I'll gush later.
11/18/2004 c2 impulsive-writer
netna! wow. how r u? i so knew it was u in that review. how did u find out about the website? its bec btw... anyway hav to go but whats ur new mob number cos i onli hav ur old one...


oh btw mia... yaddayaddayadda... i still hate the POW!

who's bumblebee and papermate?

11/16/2004 c6 2fudgewitch
mia mia mia mia... tsk tsk tsk...y change it to chase? y? y? oh damn this obnoxious cruel world...i like that nick bit better. keep writing yeah?
11/16/2004 c7 1Original-Still
Holy shit. Yeah, you need to write more and update...now. This is such an awesome story- it's funny and Sydney is such a cool kid. Anyway, good job on writting this chap! You better update soon, dood!
11/15/2004 c1 2fudgewitch
mia, u r a classic!
after i finished your intricate piece of bullshi... i mean - work, i wiped the tears of sorrow - Happiness! from my eyes...a writer in the Bloom...haha if u get my pun...im sad, shuttup. miss u heaps, keep writing ur a legend!
11/8/2004 c7 impulsive-writer
yes its me again! ahahaha ahahaha ahahah (cough)
ahem... well what shall i write this time mia? i am sitting at home on my computer while u r stuck in the lab doing bio with mrs almeida or should i say "Alderman" hehe
yes this story is so fictional...
the chapter. what was it about again? oh yes a date or something. mia stop procrastinating and get to the "airhead files" that u meantion in the title and description.
btw: I STILL HATE THE POW! why? why? claudie ur with me on this right?
ps: who's bumblebee and papermate? heeheehee
luv, the person who's always ready to bring u back down to earth after all the crazy reviews u get... i shall say no more.
11/7/2004 c4 nathan
are u black
11/1/2004 c7 1Wicked Saint
You are definitely and without a doubt, one of the most hilarious authors, whose works literally made my stomach fill out of gas! I love your works! They’re so freaking’ outrageous!
You have a knack for creating humorous writings! You’re a magical author! Damn! I’m really laying it all out on you right now, aren’t I? (Laughs wickedly.) No matter, you deserve all the praise anyway. ^^
Amusing as hell and absolutely oozes out with pure mirth. This is so fun to read. Such a delightful piece of fiction!
I can’t wait to read more upcoming insanity of the narcissistic characters of yours. They’re so entertaining that one doesn’t really know if there is even a protagonist and/or an antagonist! I just love the whole thing. The dialogue is wonderfully original. The sharp, witty and funny remarks really reek with gag!
It’s awesome. Just fantastic. Very superbly done! Don’t stop. Keep writing. Write more! Write your bloomin’ arse!
The most notorious stalker of F.P.
The most perverted untouched virgin,
- Wicked Tongue
10/29/2004 c7 abellamy
i liked the other chapters better. but its still cool. keep writing!
10/27/2004 c7 1rock 'n' roll junkie
lol! Jason's hilarious. I love this story. Cracks me up. Keep up the great work!
10/25/2004 c7 claudie audie
I know I forgot to send a review but honestly I didn't think it was worth sending. Kidding! You know I love your story, maybe more than you- but slightly less obsessive... anyway really funny chapter, I love Jason's big ego... does it sound like someone I know? So, my only qualm in this chapter is that I didn't get to see my favourite character, (Jason is my second, Syndey is my least (kidding- I love her "perfectly unblemished" yet v. modest (note the sarcasm) self)
I can't wait for the next chapter especially this new character and i HAVE ONE MORE THING TO SAY:
anyway keep up the good work, new chapter please!
10/25/2004 c1 1Original-Still
Friggin hilarious, dude! Can't wait to see what happens next. You're an awesome writter so keep it up! Good job on the chap!
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