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for Red

11/21/2005 c1 140E.B. Keane-Farrell
I _love_ this poem! It's so freakin' hilarious! I wanna add this to my favorites!
2/1/2005 c1 1Kaiwaf
You are utterly insane. But yet the dignity which you present these inane poems just cracks me up. I love people with an out of the ordinary sense of humor.
1/29/2005 c1 Dawn
I dont think I feel the 'cracked me up' effects. It lacks a little something.
12/17/2004 c1 2Sheila Ibre
Ridiculously short. I'm not a fan of red because it isn't blue but I suppose it'll still seem nice.
12/2/2004 c1 jack
One of ur shittiest pieces of works ever, and possibly your most enjoyable. Good for you.
10/23/2004 c1 46hate-fueled
Yay! red's my favourate colour! :) thats for the review by the way!*hug*
10/14/2004 c1 Stargate4003
XD I loved it! And thanks for reviewing my poem. I was trying to make the essay sound a little less... organized. I kinda wanted to break away from essays because I hate them so much, but I couldn't think of how to put it...
Your poem is short and simple, but I'm entertained ^.^
9/15/2004 c1 12KC Queen of Geektitude
And blue is a color that is not red. And so is yellow and green and purple and orangutang and apple and plarplsmecksh... etc.
9/8/2004 c1 11Cloud Burst
eh, short but, meaningful, good job!

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