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for Hear The Light

11/11/2005 c1 1SandwichPress
This looks very promising. At this stage it has a lot of names which can make it a bit destracting, but the point of the story remains fairly clear.

It is easy to visually picture this happening.

P.S. I now have chapters. (It's exciting).
2/9/2005 c1 19Kat-Renee Kittel
Just to let you know: When I see these characters, I think of the following actors: Phillip Eichler=Sam Waterston; Jacob Rosenfeld=Jeff Goldblum; Sammy Pascal=Hector Elizondo (If my story were a movie, I would ask them to play the parts!) ^..^
9/14/2004 c1 109mistressKC
wow... awesome story... death camps are just SO WRONG... and thanks for putting me in your fave section...

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