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for Silence

6/4/2004 c1 460Time To Change
Hey. Great poem. Silence may be preferable to the sound of your own tears though? Love this. Keep writing and thanks for the reviews.
12/29/2001 c1 20Kiora
Short and sweet. Great ending!
7/12/2001 c1 4Nyias
Good poem; great ending. You should take a vacation to the Arctic- it's very quiet up there. All that you hear is the wind and your own footsteps. :-)
4/7/2001 c1 142Battykat
true. ver powerful, have u ever noticed how even when evthing else is quiet the pipes whistle? you have a great talent, don't fall silent.
3/25/2001 c1 MidnightzStorm
Ooooooooo! This is good! I also have a feeling that I have never heard silence.
1/18/2001 c1 bana
girlfriend you can write i know what your're saying. i geuss people like you and me only know true silence when we sleep...
1/11/2001 c1 9Dark Angel Of Retribution
Well Done! This is good stuff! I admit, it's not the best I have ever read, but this is still good stuff! It's short and straight to the point. Well Done!

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