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6/4/2004 c1 460Time To Change
Guess i can relate to this. Clear concise and gets the point across fabulously. Well done
12/29/2001 c1 20Kiora
Wow.. again, this is very well written, and it's so true. So many people look perfect when within there's so much turmoil- this is good, I feel as if I can relate somehow.
7/12/2001 c1 4Nyias
I think that your poem describes a ton of people. And it describes them well. Good job.
4/4/2001 c1 3Sugar N Spice1
"The quiet girl in the back of the room... Oh, sorry :O) But pretty good."
1/18/2001 c1 bana
i understand and i know igeuss you never really get to know some one unless you look inside their mind and i guess we really can't do that.

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