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12/24/2010 c12 3aby pwn u
D'X The scene made me cry. I NEED ICE! :P You know, I've never sobbed but when I cry if I don't rub my eyes and just wipe the tears carefully, it doesn't seem like I cried ,like I just woke up.
12/10/2010 c1 TCK123
You know, I've been meaning to read thos story for a while now, and it's not at all what I expected. It's great and I love it already, even though it's only the first chapter. Meghan sounds so charming and Nadine really is as quirky as you say.

Reading the rest now! Cya later :)
11/27/2010 c1 Julietish
Hello, there. It's Juliet from A Drop of Romeo. I'm pleased to tell you that your story has been added to the ADoR archive. Congratulations. :) Here's your raving review:

The author of When You Own the Universe and My Undetected Canoodling writes another humor-filled love story. It'll keep you entertained and gasping at the drama. Nadine makes a ridiculously hilarious and unique protagonist. The characters are so relatable and I found myself captured by this story. Another plus: it's complete!


10/27/2010 c23 2ChaoticFaerie
I really really really really really really really don't like you right now. I'm tempted to quote the Plain White T's song, but I'm holding it in...
10/16/2010 c26 2The Weatherwitch

loved this...but wow that was a tense ending.

10/14/2010 c26 6surprise butt secks
I almost freaked when I finished this story and hadn't read any A/N's so didn't know if you were going to be doing a sequel or not. And then I read on and actually wiped my brow. hehe. Brilliant story by the way (:
10/7/2010 c26 hanna
u have a really nice plot. u just can't stop reading it.. i like how thatcher has a dark past n they're such a cute couple! i was quite disappointed at the end. i was hoping u would end this story even if it takes a few more chapters. but i guess i'll just have to wait for the sequel XDD u did a great job! *thumbs up*
10/6/2010 c1 totalbookworm
Hi, I just started reading this story & I just finished reading "When You Own the Universe". Your stories are really interesting and are fun to read. I'd like to know where I can read the story "The Matchmaker's Best Friend". You mentioned it on the A/N for this story's 1st chapter but it isn't posted on the list of your stories in your profile.
9/22/2010 c1 sarcasm is my middle name
Awesome story, so cool! WOW
9/10/2010 c26 graces
loved this. i really loved how you incorporated all these allusions- SO MANY allusions into this. and plus, they all fit!

so good job to you, and i can't wait to read the sequel.

like i mentioned in my review of the first chapter, you're a really entertaining writer, so keep it up!

the drama may be a bit overwhelming but great job resolving it [kinda] at the end. (:
9/7/2010 c4 graces
oh my GOSH you're hilarious! you really know how to make your writing entertaining! again, good job! (:
9/7/2010 c2 graces
you are SO FUNNY

oh my gosh, i've caught myself literally "L O L ing."

this story, i can tell, is gonna be great.

- and i've only just finished the second chapter!
7/15/2010 c26 Alanisaur
Omg, I was crying in this! SO sad!

7/15/2010 c20 Alanisaur
7/10/2010 c26 Kalilah
Totally loved this
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