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2/7/2007 c1 2Kohnitz
this is so cute. short, simple, and awesome. =]]
I REALLY LIKE IT! it really describs how people feel with something they love doing.
9/19/2006 c1 46franticsquirrel
I like the wistful wish. The description is maybe slightly cliched, but it's still very good; it's kind of pure that way. It feels just the same as when I hear someone playing some rippling insanity or when I play something perdy, myself.

By the way, I also like your Stephen King quotes.
8/1/2006 c1 112PerpetualBliss44
Very, very pretty :). I liked this a lot, it has wonderful imagery.
4/23/2006 c1 74TrinityFlower of Memories
Wow, lotsa reviews, just for a poem *me=worthless now; u=superior* I just absolutely love the piano, been playing for 10 years now, since I was 5. um, found some typos, like 'pedal-petal'. wonderful job and thanks for ur nice reviews!
4/21/2006 c1 26braindead1345
Wow...beauitful,your really talented! The tranished petals thing was awesome!
3/18/2006 c1 25v3point7
very different approach form the others i've read, but still equally stunning and vibrant.
2/9/2006 c1 21Todd B. James
Ah. It's like a breath of fresh air. There's so much to this poem, and it does a lot with it in such a short space that it's unbelievable that you aren't some sort of alchemist, somehow working more and more words in between the ones that are visible, and making everything seem bigger by subconscious assumption. Maybe the white space isn't really white after all...

On the obvious side of things, you could say that this poem is merely the representation of how much you love playing the Piano, and the sheer joy de vivre you derive from said act. It's almost a religious experience with you; seeing the face of God in the notes of the music.

On the not-so-obvious side of things, one can easily assume that the Piano is something that has not been played in a while, seeing as how the dust covers ivory keys, black, polished wood, and that the petals are tarnished. Cheating a bit, you can look at the description and truly see what is going on. Coupled with the previous clues, a case has been cracked: it's not you who played the piano, but Jason. I say played, due to the fact that Jason is described with the modifier "poor," thus telling us everything we need to know.

Perhaps this poem isn't even about pianos or music or dancing. Looking at every word even closer than before, (and that's friggin' close, lemme tell ya) you can see something even more moving and emotional emerging. The ivory keys. The black, polished wood. The tarnished "petals." Flying through moonbeams and dancing among the stars. What we are witnessing is a dirge. A lamentation for Jason during his final ceremony. The black polished wood belongs to his casket, perhaps, the tarnished petals belong to the flowers, and of course, he is now flying through the moonbeams and dancing among the stars. We also see that the keys are the sky (he now plays music with the stratosphere itself) and the music he plays is now your link to your memory of him. In a sense, you're right there with him, flying and dancing forever.

Ahh, such beauty and such aching pain of loss. Such is the subject matter of the young poet. Such is perfection. Kudos. -T.J.
9/27/2005 c1 145BellonaFlayreRiver
you know, you put so much uplifting imagery into the small space that it made me want to play the piano again. lovely.
9/25/2005 c1 16DevilDragon of Pain
So simple, so sublime. A perfect work of poetry. 'and to soar on the wings of music' is a lovely phrase. You write beautiful poetry. SCORE: 10/10

The Critic, Devil Dragon of Pain
7/29/2005 c1 73Rozlin
that was beautiful...
7/13/2005 c1 16Tasteless Wine
That was very beautiful. It reminds me of the dusty old piano in my grandma's house. I think that's the only time I enjoy playing the piano, when my grandma is listening. This was amazing though, really captured that sense of loosing yourself to music. Brilliant, keep it up!
7/8/2005 c1 17le sour pickle
I updated!Le_sour_pickles is back.my sister was hogging the internet so i couldnt get on. that's why,one i can't update, and two can't reveiw you.you are still on my favorite list.keep up the good work.

6/9/2005 c1 155X.xPrincess.Midnightx.X
This is really good. Keep it up!
6/7/2005 c1 61The Rain's Kiss
Assuming that this is quite literally about the joy of music, I agree with you. I play guitar and I love it though I suck. More importantly, I feel this way about music that I listen to. A vey good band that makes me "soar" is "Explosions in the Sky". they are an all musical band and there is not singing, just music. the names of the song fit the music perfectly. You should check them out, and if not, then i just want to say, great poem.
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