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2/10/2009 c8 Voidwalker Zelt
I applaud you on this wonderful story! An original fiction university in the typical OFU style is the kind of story that I simply love. It is a shame that this story hasn't been updated for such a long time, but I'll assume you have a valid reason.

In particular, I enjoyed your 'Lecday' chapter and the suggestion of creating detailed character profiles (a practice which I take part in myself). The 'one class per day' system is a nice change from most other OFUs, and helps to set it apart from the others, in my mind.

Also, I compliment you on your varied and interesting collection of OC staff members, who help make your University worthy of its status amongst the best OFUs out there. Incidentally, I also compliment you on your varied and interesting collection of Mary Sues in The Exhibit, who help your University contribute greatly to the Suvian studies conducted by the PPC.

The main thing I can think of that is somewhat lacking so far in your story is your Minis. We've only seen a little bit of coverage on the Mini-Dragons, apart from Nic (who probably doesn't count because he is nice). Have there been any Mini caused deaths yet at OFFU?

All in all, a great story Mr. Rednal. I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it.
9/28/2005 c8 Kitsune ladyvirgo
Rednal, I do enjoy your OFU. But you really come across as full of yourself. Why don't you browse around and actually look for different examples of work? You use your work as a good example because it's your work and you're proud of it. Nothing wrong with that, but pride makes you blind. Just a little word of advice from a friend.
4/28/2005 c7 ladyvirgo
Nice one, Rednal! Loved this chapter, and I am hoping you continue soon.

I might have to re-enrol, because I'm sure I didn't send it the last time.
4/12/2005 c6 16Love like a Rose
thinkin i'm gonna join. :D I think i'll have to read the one page that tells ya what consequences are for various things cuz i have a feeling i'd end up making a mini on accident. I would NOT want that. ...
4/12/2005 c7 Love like a Rose
It just kind of occured to me that i could review and nothing would happen...:D This is cool in the completely INSANE ( in a good way) way. I spose that's the fun of writing fantasy - anything can happen and no one can be like, "But that's not POSSIBLE!"
3/25/2005 c7 blizzard4526
Funny. The girl does have absurd luck. ^_^ Cute. Who is she?
3/15/2005 c7 4hvk
Hm...what can I say?

Except good riddance to bad rubbish.

It is pathetic when people write characters like that.

Good chapter, as usual.
3/15/2005 c7 32Mayaj
Wahoo that was awsome! Hehe, I wonder what my dragon will be like... blood thirsty and evil! Hehe, roommate killing, HOW DID YOU KNOW? I love doing that...! Strange your 'Stues' didn't battle to the death... I mean, COULD James take the Stu on? And if he cuold wouldn't that make HIM like a super-Stue or something...? Ow. Headache. Ooh who's the girl with white hair! I want magically appearing popocorn TOO.
3/6/2005 c7 1Lil Riter
Whe! DRAGONS! I love em! n.n!

Loved the chap! n.n
3/3/2005 c7 jelie36
-_- You just HAD to leave off there, didn't you? Haha oh well the chapter was still awesome. I liked the Mary Sue and Gary Stu, they were...hahahaha.I think that the new character was kind of like a 'Sue, only having to do with luck. Or maybe she's a visitor...anyway I think you are doing amazing with this, it's the author alert I look forward to the most. Keep it up, the characters rock!

1/16/2005 c6 blizzard4526
1/11/2005 c6 4hvk
'educated'? *whimper*

An entertaining chapter, with amusing explanitions too!

Alas, I did once create an uber-powerful Gary Stu. Fortunately, I corrected my mistake and have made him much better!

I liked the scene with the dreaded Sues(ROAR!) a lot, as well as...well, all of it.

1/6/2005 c6 jelie36
Awesome chapter as usual. The Exhibit was an really cool idea. ^_^ Haha Noga seems to be a pretty good teacher. I can't wait for you to update, I really love this. I'm curious to know which FP.com users have which characters. I know one or two but the rest have lost me. Anyway, UPDATE SOON!

1/5/2005 c6 32Mayaj
Nice, nice. Funny though that YOU'D be the one to demopnstrate the downsides of the Sueius Beautius and her friends... No Stuius Perfectus, hm? HA! I can name one: coughJamescoughAqueriouscough. Yeah, hehe, that'd be kinda fun if we did that assignment for real, I got thousands of little bits of things I could send. Whata ya say? You could do a whole chapter comprised of our assignments... fun... This took way too long to update. Humph.
1/5/2005 c6 lil-riter

Inventive names for the Exhibit.

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