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9/26/2006 c3 5The Green Crow
oh, update soon!
9/26/2006 c2 The Green Crow
lol at the "What kind of name is Sky? His mom did him a favor, I thought vaguely. Three letters, since I was sure he wouldn’t be able to handle any more." part and at the "not on your life" part, too.
9/26/2006 c1 The Green Crow
this is good
6/27/2005 c3 10Chaco
hey this mikane. i'm using my new username! i don't use raho anymore. so re-add me please. ;3 squee!

chloe is so mean! omg~! lol. i like sky a lot better. :p
1/22/2005 c3 sangel193
I love it. Please email me when you write the next chapter(s).
10/2/2004 c2 37Fantwriter
STALKER! hahaha xD
jk jk
You need to continue =P
Sky's still freaky @_@ Don't get how this romance will work out. Plz clarify soon =)
9/29/2004 c2 Jill
Awesome! I'm loving it so far. I'm still partial to the other version but i'm pretty sure that's because it was longer than this one currently is. However I'm sure this one will soon take the place of the other because with the story line you have started i'm sure it'll be good. wow, I'm not making much sense am I? Oh well that's what I get for staying up for 24 hours at once, I guess I'll go find out what that thing called sleep is now. I can't wait to read the next installment! Keep up the fantasmic writing!
9/18/2004 c1 Jill
wow, that was way more intense then the last version. I really liked it though. I can relate to Chloe, I mean, my parents aren't divorced but I'm a senior in high school and I'm always the one who never cries. And even though Chloe was really mean to have thrown away the number I definatly don't blame her for it, she doesn't know the guy after all. Well, I'm gonna have to make this review kinda short cuz it's late and I'm super tired. I really hope to see more chapters out soon. Do you think you can send me an email when you post the next chapter? That would be awesome cuz I love reading your work, it's always really good.
9/17/2004 c1 Fantwriter
Aww i hate you xD You have such nice details =)
This Sky person is like a total optimist Scary...o_o...whe
One thing i caught:"It’s funny, because I’m this straight-A perfectionist, and this totally laid-back and crazy rule-breaker. " You meant "and Shannon is..." right?
yaw that's it =)
such nice writing @_@
9/16/2004 c1 2angelbymistake
hmm.. pretty good. :) btw, hope you can read my story. thanks!
9/16/2004 c1 5Seduction
Very nice story! The writing was simple and straightforward in a way that outlines the main points with enough embellishing to be captivating. I hope your anticipating the arrival of a long story as much as I am. It certainly seems likely.
Your characters are all very clearly different, which is very important - its hard to follow a story when there a an enormous amount of them who are all crazy/apathetic/gothic etc. You know what I mean?
The plot seems simple enough. I'm undecided as to whether or not I think that's good or bad. In some ways, it makes the story easier to follow and easier for you to keep track of, but in another way, it can get boring if you dont climax it properly.
Keep writing,

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