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for The Boy

7/28/2007 c1 Elin
i love that poem! its great, just like my highschool crush;)
6/29/2006 c1 Girl Next Door
This is exactly how I felt about a guy for about four months and come to find out he was "in-love" with one of my best friends. Their going out now, but it feels like I'm missing something somehow. Anyway, I loved your poem.
7/8/2005 c1 14Jen calculates
Ack, this is exactly how I felt about a guy a few months ago...

There's a lot of emotion in here which is shared nicely.
4/11/2005 c1 3Alyson Grant
That's a really great poem. I liked it and that's saying something because I read poems on this website practically never so the fact that I chose yours and liked it counts to me. When I first started reading it, it reminded me of Angela and Jordan from MSCL.
3/29/2005 c1 uoyevoli
this poem was wonderful.

it was idk. i thought it was a bit sweet but somewhat depressing. i feel like that sometimes. it hurts...a lot...

9/18/2004 c1 Natty
i love this poem! it's so good, and really expresses some of the feelings so many girls have had over crushes... good job! and you can write good poetry.

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