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8/3/2005 c1 50Arael the 15th
No no no no no no no no no no no no no...

Were you aware when you wrote this that the entire genre of 'robots rebelling' is the most over-used idea next to aliens invading and zombies attacking? And it wasn't even a decent attempt. First off, robots would not think like Humans would unless they were programmed to, and we all know that Humans are illogical and rampant beasts in the end, so therefore, a robot will be programmed to think in terms of LOGIC, thus negating the validity of your entire story already. Secondly, robots wouldn't stoop to something as pathetic as an in-city rebellion unless it happened like in the 'I, Robot' books Isaac Asamov wrote. If you want to know how machines and artificial life forms would 'take over' watch the Animatrix's two short films The Second Renaissance Parts 1 & 2. THAT is how robots would fight back and win. You're too much of a Humanist to attempt something like this, I can tell by how emotional you make the narrating robot, because once again, we wouldn't program robots to have something as raw and illogical as emotions. Also, robots could easily be defeated by Humans with EMP-bombs,and then there would be no problem afterwards. If the robots were smart, they would release more than just a few pathogens, they would set off nuclear and radioactive bombs to dispell slow and crippling death to Humanity. You obviously don't know too much about making a rebellion. Robots would take a peaceful approach as many times as they could do it before using violence as a last result, because that is the LOGICAL route, not a coup that would cost many lives and waste precious resources all at once. Never try something like this unless you've scoped out the competition first.
5/25/2005 c1 183Jo Madden
this is really good. Haven't ehard form you ina while thought, i'd drop you a line. Keep it ^.

JB Madden
9/21/2004 c1 angsty one
loved the story. where's the sequel?

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