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for A Thief's Last Words

10/11/2005 c1 5aqua-angel
Wow. This is pretty original and its really moving. Your first line is such a great hook! It was ironic how he met his significant other only to end up being caught. It's so... *searches for word* ...bittersweet. Great job in pulling off this intriguing read =)

Happy writings!
3/10/2005 c1 feiyt
wow...that was so good! it's really amazing...i just saw the word 'theif' and immediately went 2 read ur story ( i love theives! ^^) but wat i got was so much betta then a normal story! it must b so sad...to b only 15, to hav just met ur one tru love, and then have 2 die...*sobs*
9/24/2004 c1 20Qu33n of Spades
Whoa. I'm floored. Really. I almost wanna say, write more, add to this! but yeah... thanks for your review. It's nice to get reviews like that. I tried to return the favor...
This character enchants me. Not sure why... he's believable. Kudos!
9/19/2004 c1 16Comp Ninja
A thief's hurried retreat from absolute destruction stopped by true love. That by far sounds like the most bittersweet thing I have ever heard. How marvelous! (If you caught that allusion to Count Rugen from Princess Bride, thank you and once again kudos to your excellent writing.)
9/18/2004 c1 6JC Peters
Awesome. This is my favorite thing you've written, I think. It's...stunning. Beautifully portraying the harshness of reality, with no happy ending or unrealistic savior appearing from nowhere. Sigh. I am awed.

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