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for Do You Ever Wonder?

9/19/2004 c1 27Electra Fairford
I'd like to start off with this: I admire your honesty and courage, to post this. As an atheist, I'd just like to argue one point you seem to take for granted: "I can't imagine what peoples lives would be like if they didn't have a higher being to believe in. Life would seem so pointless if you're not moving towards something better." A simple answer: my life is a lot like yours, except a little less certain I guess. My bone of contention is that you take it for granted I'm not moving towards something better, too - you expect to find rewards after you die; I expect to make them right here, and make better things for the people that follow. Just because we don't believe in God doesn't mean we have no causes or purposes, that we're drifting. I think it might be easier, emotionally, too - it doesn't feel like personal betrayal, like being forgotten, when something goes wrong. Just a thought. All who wander are not lost.

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