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for Hanging High

2/12/2005 c1 64freeyourself
thats a great poem, it reminds me of those poor accused "witches" being hung for crimes they did no commit in the olden days. thanks for the review too
1/9/2005 c1 13LostInReality
Pretty good! J'aime it a lot.
12/15/2004 c1 62graffiti-skies
the ending was just amazing...good work! love the way it flows together...
12/14/2004 c1 Moroni's Daughter
I LOVE THIS! Oh, and about the dream I had, you think it would be someone I like, but I really don't know who it is. Maybe it's a fusion of all the guys I like...dunno. Tootles!
12/7/2004 c1 8Winged Lyon
Hey! Nither oh's worked but hey. um... yeh. Design diary. I TOLD U @ SKOOL!umm. i cannot tell u my mob number cos PPL might ABUSE it. umm...yeh... good poem. keep it up!
11/14/2004 c1 2philoslove
The imagery of using a piece of string to life line and the shaky balance between life and death is powerful, to emphasise that soon the string might break, and the girl will be prey to Death. The whole poem flows very naturally. Good rhythm. If it were to be translated into prose, it'll make a poignant piece.
10/5/2004 c1 39godsjoke1
ya your right it is like mine but mine was after a dream i had
9/30/2004 c1 Crazy-Word-Painter
That was so sad... but really good. It would be a good story.

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