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for Guns Cry Too

11/25/2004 c1 American Idiot
I cried. The only thing you could do is not make it so sad! But I don't cry a lot so I love this poem.
11/24/2004 c1 21CaramelCream
Oh...My...God. That was damn good. One of the best that I ever read on this site, in fact. You dont dance(or write) around the point. It has a level of strait-fowardness that is not plainly blunt. The rhyming is great and adds that much more to the overall feel of th poem. The ending is great as well and the way you direct it toward the reader really draws a person in. Overall a very very good poem. It's definatly going in my favs list.

Good work. Keep it up.

10/4/2004 c1 Cheyenne
Very eerie and well-written.
9/25/2004 c1 1prettynutter
omg the last 4 lines r really good. I hope u write more poems lyk this
9/24/2004 c1 612simpleplan13
wow... taht's a very pwoerful and creepy poem.. so true and sad.. great point.. awesome awesome job!
9/24/2004 c1 15XantheXanthias
That was very well written, even though I'm not sure I exactly agree with what you are trying to say. Good rhyming too.

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