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7/22/2012 c52 Vampire
ok never really liked Kei but seriously omg how stupid can a person be. "hey im pregnant lets go walk through enemy territory with minimal guards, but don't backtalk me about it or i'll be even more of a complete and utter bitch than usual" wtf just lost alotta love 4 this book...
7/22/2012 c51 Vampire
din calls this a romantic chapter? they threw away a ring... not seein it...
7/22/2012 c39 Vampire
what... the... hell...

thats one crazy...

the fuck...
7/22/2012 c33 Vampire
this guy falls in love with someone new every other chapter, kinda kills it
7/22/2012 c31 Vampire
god i hope his response to that last sentence somthing along the lines of "drop dead"
7/22/2012 c28 Vampire
ok does she think they're married or what? annoying women begs to learn from him then acts like a complete bitch 90% of the time and seems to think she's entitled to his life story why...?
7/22/2012 c14 Vampire
lovin the story, awesome characters, great plot and just the right amount of mystery to revalation ratio :)

but. the mother thing was seriously obvious :P
4/27/2011 c77 Ignematic
I've enjoyed this story so far, it's complex but not overly so, and very intriguing. You've done a great job, keep following your feelings and I'm sure the story will progress wonderfully.
2/15/2011 c1 Teddy Rxupin
This is shit, that demon shit is shit.
9/2/2010 c77 7A.J Scarlet
All I can really say is where the heck is death? Other than that I was expecting this, somewhat. I honestly didn't notice any inconsistance and writer's block is the worst. I'm gong through it too thanks to college and my damn mother not getting off my back, but lord knows I love her ::sigh:: Anyways I think it was okay. And sorry to hear about your grandfather. It's tough losing a grandparent, believe me been there. Good luck with the rest of your days ^_^
9/2/2010 c77 Kalle
that sucks... i'm talking about your summer not the chapter. anyway, the chapter was good. the only main inconsistency I noticed was that the doctors seemed to disappear when Minashi left. anywho... wow Ryo way to do exactly what Amy did NOT want you to do!
6/30/2010 c2 SASE1
Dude... doesn't that mean your 20 now? You said that you were 19 when you up dated your profile... Anyhoo, I like, updated every other day.
6/29/2010 c1 SASE1
You are such a good writer! But you might want to edit it. Sometimes you use present tense, but I can tell you know the defference, unlike SOME people. Annoying blokes, they are. You also created another paragrah when you shouldn't of, like right in the middle of the sentence. But other then that, you are great.
1/26/2010 c76 10KatyaChekov
...wtf. You killed Ryo again. Minashi isn't kidding, this is seriously turning into a hobby for the poor guy. ._.
1/24/2010 c76 7A.J Scarlet
Okay I'm reviewing see! (just like a desperately wished someone new would review for my fanfic :(( ) So yeah, Ryo's dead...again...wow. I didn't see that coming actually, writer's block really sucks though I had no idea that was rare for you, lucky. Anyways it was a decent chapter, I was compelled to finish the whole chapter so it was good. :)) Well hopefully what you're trying to do works out, good luck and nice job.
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