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3/16/2009 c72 7A.J Scarlet
Cool you were born in california, me too! Anyways, it was an okay chapter. But does he really want to conquer San Fransisco? He's in a world of trouble.
3/10/2009 c72 10KatyaChekov
Eh, you accidentally italicized "called" in "called San Francisco"...

And go forth, young Ryo! Conquer this land. :P And find out what the heck Eclipse did. Where's the Island in relation to San Fran? How will Ryo meet the others? I eagerly await the next chapter!
1/28/2009 c71 KatyaChekov
"After my hair was as could as it could be": Needs fixing.

And this isn't as bad as Eclipse... Is this why you signed off? Seriously, after Chapter 78, I just stopped being surprised. And I've never been happier being straightforward. XD
1/28/2009 c71 Tadashii Satsu

That's awesome-I could always imaging Ryo in a more modern environment.

"Welcome to San Fransisco, California"-that's just pure PWNage in its truest form. I can't wait to see what happens next!
1/27/2009 c71 kalle
finally! even though i knew twas coming i am sorely tempted to drop a bomb... great update!
1/27/2009 c71 7A.J Scarlet
I KNEW IT! I knew he was in the modern times! You can't lie to ME! Although the whole San Fransisco,CA through me off a little. I was like "WHA!" and nearly fell out of my chair. Why San Fransisco? Anyways... time to dance my I-Totally-Saw-It-Coming Dance (not really, I don't dance) Oh...he doesn't wear underwear? Random question I know but, okay. So...why would Edward lie to Ryo...I'd strangle him the moment I saw Edward for leading me off, if I was Ryo that is ^_^ which I'm not, thank goodness.
1/26/2009 c71 Roo
Wo~! About time. I love this part of the story. The... modern part in general, I mean. Not just this one chapter.

Anyway, I'm extremely tired and cannot concentrate well, but I'm reviewing anyway because it is my duty. I love Edward's first description of the world above ground. And I also love Ryo's attitude in the first part of the chapter. Mostly when he's like "I'm Rick J- A KING, bitch!" XD I can't wait for the next chapter.

Well, before I further pollute this review with nonsense, I am going to end it.
1/11/2009 c70 Tadashii Satsu
Wow-great story! I love how the plot plays out, and Ryo is just an amazing character! The point-of-view is marvelous-as most people do atrociously in first-person, but this is just plain amazing! Keep writing-I can`t wait for the next chapter!
1/1/2009 c70 A.J Scarlet
Gods that REALLY sucks for Ryo, I feel for you man...losing everything is not pleasant. I've lost my everything a long time ago and frankly...I still have nothing. Like ambitions, goals, pride, just a future plain and simple is gone. And being out of place to make matter worse! Damn you just love torturing Ryo don't you? Poor Ryo, I just want to jump in and save the guy...but then again he probably wouldn't let me because he's the man and he can do it himself right? -_- Totally forgot about his macho-man attitude for a second there...ooh that makes you a really good writer then! -_- I'm rambling, so nice chapter and yes, yes it was emo ^_^
12/19/2008 c70 kalle
wow... that is depressing... but i know where he is... yeah anywho... good story...
12/18/2008 c1 6xClutteredxChaosx
Hi I've only read the first chapter so far but I REALLY like it a lot. I'ts really well written, and you've obviously thought about it a lot, can't wait to read more! :D
12/15/2008 c70 Roo
Oh, new review button!

Anyway... Aw, poor Ryo. I just want to hug him, though I doubt he'd appreciate it very much. XD; It was an emo chapter, but it's an important one, so... yep.

Also- YAY AMY. Chyeah, I'm all happy that she's finally here. It's fun to see the character I cosplayed actually in the story now.
12/15/2008 c70 10KatyaChekov
It soothed the ache of Eclipse's general (insert curse words here)ness, but now I am itching for answers. What have you done, Eclipse?
11/22/2008 c68 dorin
bitch! lol, well, might as well end with a bang since we're going in a completely different place for the last bit. though I still would like to have kept eclipse the way I like him. *pout*
11/14/2008 c68 Roo
... efoergodsjlsdfj ECLIPSE. D: I knew it was gonna happen, but it's still awful to read. Poor Ryo... (I love how the massive amount of alcohol he has turn the castle into a ticking bomb. Oh Ryo, you alcoholic, when will you learn?)

I love this chapter. x3 Not only because it's epk and firey and destructive and suspenseful, but because it's THE END OF THE SECOND BOOK. LYKE WOA. I can't wait for the third book; it's going to kick ass on so many different levels.

Write, woman, write! Well... type, I suppose.
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