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11/14/2008 c68 kalle
... even w/ b/f hand knowledge... catatonic... STUPID BLOODY FUCKING ECLIPSE... i know what happens nxt 2... wo... you've been veryvery good at updating... yay! TO (insert correct name here) ...
11/14/2008 c68 10KatyaChekov
...There aren't enough capital letters in the world to express my shock. The only thing I can do is type this calmly. This is even worse than the last chapter for shock and fear.

Eclipse. Well, I was certainly...not expecting that. Must stay calm...must not scream in the middle of class... -twitch-

And if Etsuko lives, she's gonna be pissed as hell. XD The same goes for Izzy.
11/8/2008 c67 kalle
stupid power hungry _ who thinks he'd be better ruler then ryo... GO IZZY! he be even more pissed then when they attacked da alcohol... anywho good update and very quick... update soon!
11/7/2008 c67 Roo
For a really short chapter, this was EPIC.

... That was most definitely worth all the snuggles in the Milky Way Galaxy and a little while longer of forcing myself to stay awake. Izzy is like... o.o; But that's understandable.

Also, Ryo is just... depressing. But I won't go into why since people might, like, read the reviews. Spoilers suck. But you know what I mean!

...Ha, you used "muzzle" after all.

11/7/2008 c67 KatyaChekov
-bursts into tears-
11/7/2008 c66 Roo
XD BS'ed battle scene or not, it was a great chapter. I cannot express my love for Izzy in words, I swear. He's just... so... goddamn Izzy.

Also, that's a horrible place to end a chapter as much as it is a great place. You're an awful, awful person. Even if I already know what's going to happen. And yay for Emperor Ryo! So much win in such a short chapter.

...I would love a fanfic competition. That would be amazing. Crack pairings are some of the best. XD Like BillxTom. Mm, twincest.
11/5/2008 c66 7A.J Scarlet
*catatonic too* ALL THAT FOR NOTHING WHAT THE F* MAN! Man that sucks for him. Yeah the fight was missing something -_- oh well. I'd rather imagine the fight than watch the star wars one, I won't be able to apply Ryo and the queen if I watched it. Ooh fanfiction for "What the future holds?" cool! I haven't written anything in... forever. Although I'm not sure I could capture your characters well =( If I was confident enough to try I so would do it. I wouldn't pair Ryo with anyone, he has Kei and that's enough. I'd probably pair Hinto and Ayame just for laughs... and since I'm pretty egotistical I'd make up a character based on me... I'd probably pair myself with Izzy or Riku, not sure. I'm not really fangirl for any of anyone, is that bad? Anyways nice chapter and again THAT SUCKS FOR RYO MAN!
11/5/2008 c66 kalle
i apologise now for being pickyt and pointing out mistakes...

"...and then frowned. "You always ruin my fun," he said with a small frown." repetition "Izzy and I continued to train with him ..." more repetition "taught" i think you meant taunt... yay you got it right the second time! "Why so serious?" JOKER LINE
11/5/2008 c66 10KatyaChekov
Fanfiction? Mebbe, although slash, mebbe not. Fanart? MOST DEFINITELY. -mwahaha-

And Etsuko, srsly, don't do that. Poor Ryo's had enough shock already. XD
10/25/2008 c65 7A.J Scarlet
Oh yeah Ryo has Edward beat, hands down, no competition what so ever. I tried to read Twilight but like a friend of mine said "Turning a page was like cutting my wrists with a rusty knife." I managed to get the first three down but the last one was too much, that was the straw that finally broke my back. That's why I'm waiting for someone I know to finish the last book and they can just tell it to me in a nutshell X3 Ryo is just awesome and believeable unlike the overprotective romantic Edward. Ryo kicks ass and he's way better looking X3.
10/25/2008 c65 kalle
WOOHOO! finally an update... aye as we have discussed many times ryo would kick ed's ASS... anywho very nice chapter... yay ryo's gonna be in da tournament... sorta... i'll laugh if he is recogonized aqs the last champion... that ran away from an angry mob after winning... woot woot! anywho... update soon!
10/25/2008 c6 Lewyllie
*cries* *cries more*

Oh, no! How terrible! How... UNFAIR! DESTINY IS CRUEL!

(but still, very well done)

Lewyllie honors you!
10/25/2008 c4 Lewyllie
THRILLED! Hell, this is good stuff!
10/25/2008 c3 Lewyllie
"Little Prince"... sounds very cool. I really like the way you use words (my God, my english sux). See you after the next chapter!

This is Lewyllie

PS: love the intros with the lyrics.
10/25/2008 c1 Lewyllie
How beautiful! The beginning of this chapter was very pretty, it's a good way to start a tale. I cannot wait to read te rest of it, so I'm leaving. Bye!
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