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2/24/2012 c2 Confused
I'm confused about the time era. They're in a carriage, they travel to America by boat, but this lady takes out a cellphone?

Very inconsistent.
1/16/2011 c30 3no-ones-puppet
Freaking adorable. I loved every minute of reading it. Glad that Greg got someone too. He gave comfort to Elliot when he needed it most... Even though the way he really wanted was turned down. :)
11/17/2009 c8 thecakethief
the guy holding Elliot is rather cute, if I do say so myself! In a rugged, "me man, you woman" kind of way.

hopefully he shaves his beard O_o

and i am very cross with whatshername, the lesbian! you do not just leave your rather boney and socially inept friend alone at a train station in who-knows-where! what a bitch.
11/17/2009 c1 thecakethief
i love it already, and the foreplay is just sexy ;)
9/27/2008 c30 Jadwiga
Absoultely adorable fic! I loved/*adored* Elliot ~ he was so cute, funny and damn sacarstic (and so quintesentilly English), and hilarious when obsessed with sex.

Thought Alik was great too and a fabulous foil for Elliot, those two really suit each other. I also liked Chris and Cynthia.

In conculsion: Lovely plot (at times hot and steamy) with even more engaging characters ~ well done!
2/2/2008 c30 nomy
i am the type of reader that review with 'i love your story' or ' i like it so much!'..so its kinda lame to say the same thing over and over again and you kinda get bored of it, i guess..

so... what the hell i still going to say that I LOVE IT!love it,its kinda an understatement..

i just freaking adore,love,like crush and bla bla bla..hahahaha..but its true..at first truely i kinda dont want to read this one..cause you make it in 1900 or is it 1800...?

i dont know its kinda confusing at certain time on what time period that you do..as i notice the word 'internet' at the beginning of a chapter so i think its kinda a typo mistake..

but when i continue to read it cause i definitely one of the people that need a happy ending cliche..and its a mind blowing story!..

i love how you just make a short chapter but its kinda make sense as in you just explain it and didnt left it hanging..

so its kinda cool that way...and i love the cahracter and the bounty hunter idea and you know what? i love it all!...so thank you for writing an amazing story!...its a very enjoyable for me to read it!..^_~
8/3/2007 c30 lakuniko
really really cool story. funny and cute and romance.

love this fic to death^^
8/2/2007 c30 CM
I had a hard time fuguring out the time frame at the beginning, but the story made my evening. Thank you!
11/25/2006 c30 4Mewenn
I like Elliot. He gets kidnapped and just shares jockes with his kidnapper. Must be English composure. And I like this wife of his. She's very funny. And… well I found Greg nice too. Actually the whole story was pleasant and I suspected the wife was the one putting the bounty as soon as you made Elliot become attracted to Alik.
9/13/2006 c29 3Anti-Socialite
Ok first of I need to thank you for the link to that Rembrandt painting. Second of all, I am a hopeless romantic and this story was fucking brillant! I was all sad up until this chapter and now I'm so happy he came back that I can't stop giggling! You really are a brillant writer.
8/18/2006 c30 11Aquarian Angel 2790
OMG! i am forever in love with this story. Elliot and Alik, *blissful sigh* it was so amazing. And damn that cynthia she almost ruined it. yet with out her it would have never happened. For that i thank her. I love Elliot, hes so damn cute. And Alik, hes definietly not a brute, hes a sweetie. i love them both forever*hugs and kisses* and i love you for writing it. wonderful work
7/16/2006 c29 2Talaquinn
fun, hot, and interesting. Great story.
11/16/2005 c29 47Tate Soyker
OMG, This was amazing! I absolutely loved it. Trying to figure out the time period was a little confusing but I figured it out eventually. I kinda guessed that it was Cynthia who put the bounty on him but it was still really awesome. I am add this to my favorites and definately checking out some of your other stuff. Keep up the good work.
8/11/2005 c1 10Behind-these-eyes
Wow. I must say I was captured by the very first paragraph. This is very, very well writen, and a wonderful beginning.

*goes off to read more*
5/19/2005 c29 2Shadowing Chaos
Oh man, where do I begin... You have yet to cease amazing me with your talent. This is another great story.

Once again, I like the character building here. And... I kind of found the the main characters here somewhat similar to "Absinthe Desires". Both stories introduce a quiet, gentle, and intellegent individual in the beginning. Then the more "brute" lover appears next. Some of my friends would say the quieter character intrugued by the "rough" type is cliche...but I beg to differ. They way you write that type of pairing is great.

As for the plot... you and those plot twists. ;) Here's me thinking that someone truly wants Elliot dead...when it's only his friend Cynthia that needs his expertise in literature to teach in New York. Boy was I releived that he wasn't going to die.

To close up here, I've really enjoyed this story, and as mentioned before in a different review, I plan on reading the rest of your stories. Great work! Ciao.
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