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for Goblins At The Gate

12/3/2005 c1 14gillian-raine
ahh...this is definitely one of my favorite pieces... i am a big fantasy fiction fan and well in this day and age you rarely find good fantasy fiction (in my opinion or maybe i should just look harder...lol...) and "There's goblin's at the gate my Liege" really does stick to me hehehe, my favorite line, i'm just wondering why some lines seem to be cut but nontheless this one great narrative... great piece! good work...=P
7/17/2005 c1 148fergyness
this is really well thought out,

repetition does the poem good, and it deeply reminds me of lord of the rings

fast paceed and very clear - i liked it very much!
7/16/2005 c1 5Wolf of Asguard
This is how you know you've hit the rock bottom of being bored, sending posting on the review section of your own work,lol...

Just me then..?
1/20/2005 c1 9Night Wisp
Just once piece of brilliance that comes from this inspiring author !
1/11/2005 c1 7ImaMonkey

I mean...



Good job!

See I got there in the end.
11/3/2004 c1 5rainbowsprinkles
hiya my darlin!
how be thee, my chick? great poem - get some bloody self esteem! Lol. I miss you, me, scarf boy and that stupid ex of mine in Sofia's. Lol.
10/4/2004 c1 10Lillith.S
Hey babes, the gothchick says you rule.
Fantastic poem, keep up the good work.
10/1/2004 c1 187Andaren
Merry Meet!
Wow! A LOTR poem! well ... sorta :) Nice use of repitition and rhyme, the stupidity of the king really comes through well.
Thanks for the reviews :) Glad you liked the 'Ouija poem'.
Blessed Be,
Andaren x

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