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for All's Fair In Love And War

6/20/2006 c1 17kristy23
LMAO! I LOVED this! Lol it's was so funny and sarcastic, and sometimes it's hard to pull off sarcasm in writing but you did it really well. I'll admit, that I was first drawn to this story because the girl's name is Kristy... which is my name, lol, (so HAH! there's another girl with her name! lol)and i was intrigued, and this is actually really good. LoL keep up the good work.
8/5/2005 c2 Charity Firewarden
ALICE! HI!(repeated use of the repition of letters)guess who it is? *dramatic drum roll*CLUE: my pen name? does is resemble anything? it looks lyk my real name...kinda...

yeah well, you've probably figured out who it is...and sh! don' tell anyone!

So! i just found out you can write! i was on priscilla's accoutn, then esther's account, then yours! great story by the way...

i think mean girls is funny...and i aboslutely LOVE your sarcasm! so hilarious! its helps portray your chracters well...keep on writing, otherwise i will get soogi, and simmeren, and peewee and boobie and hasrhilly and isa and estheroid, and we will come over there and get you! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!

*ahem* sorry bout that...but do you get the point? yeh, you should anway...

and i see that you;'ve have written ina long time...wel, YOU SHOULD START WRITING AGAIN! YOUR STORIES ARE REALLY GOOD! now i shall sit and wait for your next update, dun keep me waiting!

~luv, Charity
10/27/2004 c2 XxDragon Princess NikkixX
That was a very good start. Some of the language seemed a little too sarcastic but it was hilarious all the same. Poor Mathew! Someone should warn the poor guy. . .*shakes head* Anyway, excellent start! Keep up the great work!
P.s. Thank you for your review on Castle Cintyras! I really, really appreciate you going through all of those chapters.
10/11/2004 c2 el
hi! its elena! and thats a realli great stori! :D update soon, een if its not da hols nemore... please? :D
10/9/2004 c2 4purebliss90
*gasps* You should've told me about this story earlier! It's very good-entertaining and witty-just how i like it...Venus is such a cool name, and you've processed her thoughts very well. Keep up with the sarcasm and humour~~ Update soon ^_^
10/7/2004 c2 Dark Sakura
More.. soon please!
10/1/2004 c2 xiaobudian
grr... evil Kristy...
anyway, please introduce sum more characters intot eh store!1
10/1/2004 c1 xiaobudian
lol! U exxagerate so much!
V. funni ali baba! (i read ur bio) ^-~
Anyway, I funally decided 2 read it and i luv the part about the ET thing...
Where the hell did u get that idea?
*shoots a weird look at u*
But anyway, I luv it so keep on writing.
10/1/2004 c2 3DarknessDancer
-laffs so hard that stomach hurts and she wets her pants- "So, as I was saying…in the time that had passed since I had pushed Mathew, he had already gotten back up and sat back on Robert." Kodak moment darling! Thanks for dedicating this chapter to me! -grins&huggles all round- Anyway KEEP GOING!
as dory says: "Just keep swimmin Just keep swimmin"
The Compulsive Liar
9/30/2004 c1 6Secretive
*.* I like this! And don't worry about getting enough reviews-believe me here, I've actually sat an reviewed practically every chapter to a lot of stories. ^.^ Please update soon! Oh wait, I could just go and read the next chapter, and THEN tell you to update soon...you know...I think that's what I'll do. ^^; Sorry I'm so weird. Anyways, I love Venus! Although I'm not all that sure about Mathew and his wandering eye. -.- Wandering eyes never lead to anything good...And Kristy sounds like Regina. ^.^ I just watched that movie about three days agao-I love it! Although I didn't like Aaron until he called Cady a 'nerd', but I'm kind of weird. I always thought that the Kight in Shining armor that swoops down and saves the damsel is distress should have then called her a complete idiot. . Strange, I know. Okay, this is getting to be long, and I stopped mentioning the story awhile back, so...I'm going to go read chappie two now! I'm loving this! ^_^
9/30/2004 c1 7litto-gurL
lol! talk about talented! no wonder you're coming to ruse, alice..
this is an excellent start to the story =) whoop whoop there's chapter II! keep writing~!
~ aishiteru
diana xo
9/30/2004 c2 lilsakura
good story. Long live Robert! *ahem...* the bench...:D pl update!
9/30/2004 c2 Cooties
Great chapter! I don't know if I like Mathew or not yet. I don't think i'm going to start to like him either since he's going to cheat on Venus. By the way I love that name! Very unique! You're an amazing writer, hope you update soon!
9/30/2004 c1 Cooties
Wow! That was such a great start! I'm enticed! Can't wait to read more! Venus is so cool, I love her personality! I already hate Kristy! You're a GREAT writer, keep up the good work!
9/30/2004 c1 4leafclover
hey *alice*
u actualli botherd 2 rite a stori? (shud do one maiself)
n e waiz...ish relli gud...keep on ritin kk?
c u at skewl den!
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