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for Over Fifty-five

2/19/2004 c1 10Kentura Dragmire
WOW that cracks me up... Oh that's great stuff. Maybe you should separate the lines, cause it's a mite hard to follow, especially if you don't really know the song.
8/6/2002 c1 Kel White
Man, that's brilliant, my mum had to pry me away from the computer cuz she thought it had some kinda rays that was makign me histerical
2/14/2002 c1 potatogirl
read this when you first published and KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE! That is hilarious!
1/26/2001 c1 Lily Black2
It was the best song parody anyone could think of.
1/26/2001 c1 C.P. Cosker
1/12/2001 c1 Dianna

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