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for How to Successfully Complete a Successful Story!

4/30/2020 c1 SnowingCrystals
I really like this!
7/19/2019 c1 SilverWave
I also have trouble with summaries.. lol

But nice tutorial thingy!
It helps a lot with writers block!
I think I’m writing my story the right way by following this- :
1/23/2017 c1 Matt
I must say this is possibly one of the best free writing tutorials on the internet, I am currently using it for my fanfiction work and it is working a treat, I hope you put out more like this in the near future.
11/2/2016 c1 1Aster Lawrence
Thank you. This will help immensely in Nanowrimo!
3/10/2016 c1 Samekraemer
I want to thank you for putting this up for all aspiring writers. I've had similar situations happen in my own writing as you've described (character development, plot line failure...list is long), and with the great advice and examples you've provided, I'm going to go take a look at some of my old stories and see if I can get them back on track to see through to the end.

Generally, I don't post a story unless it's finished, and the one time I did, it bit me in the ass, but my loss of inspiration wasn't from the lack of story development. It was from the hateful reviews some people feel compelled to leave just to tear down a writer's confidence. Unfortunately, there's no cure for being an asshole, as i've been told many times. Thanks again for this article. I'm going to bookmark it so I can refresh my memory next time I'm stuck! Samekraemer
2/9/2016 c1 brittney flower
nice but make shorter pls
12/15/2015 c1 Guest
Now I want to write about Bubblegum World :P
3/29/2015 c1 2Rachel032687
Oh, Suzy! These are not the carrots you're looking for! But this post was indeed what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing.
8/23/2014 c1 DeeP ci
I. Eat. Carrots. For. Breakfast!
(Well, lunch, really...)

ANYWAY, this is amazeballs. Thanks for sharing :)
8/14/2014 c1 398.7crazy
This is awesome. It perfectly details a lot of problems that I have. So I really am thankful that you took away time from your stories to upload this. Thank You!
5/31/2014 c1 DaddyLongLegs44
Are you a teacher? If not you should be for you make learning fun and exciting! I could also see you throwing carrots at misbehaving students too... Good stuff!
3/23/2014 c1 Victoria azula
First off, your amazing?
Second...now I have to rewrite my entire story...
1/11/2014 c1 SnowFaith
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for writing this! This was really helpful; I learned a lot from you! Thank you! I would seriously hug you, but the virtual world keeps me from doing so! :c Virtual Hug...? c:

Thanks again! :D
11/12/2013 c1 1purrfectly-miraculous
Wow. That's all I can say. This was very helpful and I'm thankful to you to post such great advice. You must be a bloody brilliant writer, though I haven't read your stories. I quite liked how you described writing in such a simple and understanding manner, and I wish you luck in the wonderful journey of writing!
9/25/2013 c1 Guest
This is excellent and very useful!
Thank you for writing this! :)
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