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for A Revolution Kind (previously titled Pretty Shade of Grey)

3/4/2012 c10 8SilenceInHonour
I'm reviewing but I don't really know what to say, I just felt I should because this was an epic read and I can't wait for more. I have much love for your characters and your writing style, especially the dialogue. I think I saw about one mis-word mistake during all of this and I can't even remember where it was, the rest of it was flawless - well maybe not flawless but pretty damn near perfect.

I love that you built their relationship up slowly and I can totally believe in their situation. It's great to have friends you can act a bit like towards - and though it doesn't always end in romance or love or whatever, it can do.

BTW I HATE romance with a passion, I'm trying to read some stuff to get over that and I don't really have standards in what I read (morally-wise), but in this I didn't mind. There were no moments where I felt like puking on my keyboard, even when it was all awkward-shit, and you have no idea how much I love you for that.

Looking forward to more whenever you can 'get it up'. Lol, I have such an immature mind.

Thanks for the epic read,


P.S. I want to see what happens in the summer with Vaan's dad. Hehe, I love that part of this story. I just want him to rebel his pants off - not literally (though that might be fun).
2/27/2012 c10 Vlurry19
i love this story. Just. LOve.
2/17/2012 c10 SaiSuki 1329
-dies- this story is sooo epic! I just adore Saul and Vaan. I'm glad their finally together, its about damn time! :D

Great story, plz write more! I beg of you to finish this master piece(and then publish it so I can cherish it forever XD )
1/31/2012 c9 knuffelbeertje
you sooo made my day! I was squeeling at the end, and I never do that! you're just an awesome writer!
1/10/2012 c10 27Averick
Yay! Another chapter! I was so happy when I saw this, you have no idea ;) I can't wait for another one! Please don't take so long, okay? I love these two! :D Excellent chapter!
1/5/2012 c10 3why-eye-en
It's awesome. You are awesome. I've probably re-read this thing at least five times already. Gah!
1/4/2012 c10 Calix
Love love love this story-so happy to see an update! Thank you. Beautiful work.
12/29/2011 c10 MAGICAL.NARRATOR
So good. So finger lickin' good...
12/28/2011 c10 6LiesBehindBlackPaintedEyes
Must... Have... More... GAH!

I love this story so much. I cant remember if I've reviewed it or not yet, but it's my favorite story on either Fanfiction or Fictionpress. And I'm not just saying that for the hell of it, I'm completely serious. I constantly checked it to see if it updated.

I think I'm in love with the characters, mostly. Vaan especially.

Brilliant story. :)
12/26/2011 c10 ddz008
I'm so in love with this two. They are at the same time so natural and awkard with each other. Hope you update soon! It was a perfect Christmas gift XD
12/26/2011 c10 6AraxiaJustice13
Gah, this can't get any better :D I'm so glad that Saul realizes that Vaan is there for him . He said I love you already ? :3 Awh c: I honestly don't think that it was 'bro-love' . Can't wait for me :)
12/26/2011 c10 Gerwish
I weep tears of joy whenever i see an update on this story, i'm not even kidding. And i awwwed throughout this chapter. Vaan, don't ever ever change.
12/26/2011 c10 wallawallabingbang
aww i just love this story

they both have issues yet they totally complete each other
12/26/2011 c10 3Max-Ashworth
I am so happy to see this back! :)

It freaks me out a little when I realise how much Vaan and his friends sound like me and my friends. And then I get happy. Because if there's one character I wouldn't mind being a little more like, I think it would be Vaan.

It's four on the morning so I don't have much to say that wouldn't just sound like brain mush but near the end, when Vaan is there for him...I mean, you see it coming, but it's just awesome all the same.

Again, so happy to see this back. I love your writing style and I love these characters (in the bro way).

12/25/2011 c10 Fei
awww, saul 3
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